Flawless pear shaped diamond of 105-carat unveiled
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This week a flawless pear shaped diamond of 105-carat was unveiled and many more updates

A 241-carat rough diamond was found while Sotheby is getting ready to sell 3 rough diamonds for charity

   105 carat pear shaped diamond

Get back to speed by getting to know what is going on in the diamond industry this week beyond that perfect flawless pear shaped diamond of Graff that is presented in Paris. Because in the mine famous for the larger sized diamonds (Cullinan mine) miners found a rough diamond of 121.26-carat! According to the experts of the mining company the rough diamond is a Type II diamond with an exceptional color and clarity. But the size is not the largest of these weeks since in Russia a 241.21- carat diamond was found. However, this rough diamond is not that perfect since it has a grey hue. Read on for more interesting updates of the diamond industry.

241-carat rough diamond alrosa

To start off with the rookie that found world’s largest diamond in 100 years shared with the public he wanted to scream when he found estimated rough diamond of $70 million. According to him he was busy sorting, examining rock and sand when he found it. At first sight he thought it was a rock but than he examined it closer and said with a low voice “god it’s a diamond it’s a diamond, it's a big diamond!” He called the diamond Lesedi La Rona and took it on a world tour before showing up at Sotheby’s London where it is going to be auctioned on June 29. At the same time Sotheby is preparing the sale of 3 rough diamonds ahead of the auction of the Lesidi La Rona in aid of charity. The sizes of the 3 rough diamonds are 5.44-carat, 5.62 carat and 5.88-carat.

At the other large auction house, Christie’s is prepping to auction off the private collection of Joan River’s including art, furniture and fashion. Lots are for example a diamond flower brooch designed by herself that is estimated to sell for $30.000- $50.000 USD, Black diamond ring and a leaf covered with rose-cut diamonds and pears that can fetch $300.000 USD.

Joan Rivers diamond jewelry leave

Joan Rivers diamond jewelry pin


Donald Trump has been in the news a lot due to his participation in the elections. Only now he is also in the news regarding the sale of the 7.45-carat engagement ring he gave to Marla Maples in 1991. But after couple years of marriage they divorced an Maple sold it on an auction for $110,000 USD, which she donated to charity. Now the ring will get auctioned again by current owner, only the price is already estimated higher than before, $300.000 USD.

Trump 7.45 carat diamond engagement ring

The week is not over yet and already the updates are worth knowing, because finding another 241-carat diamond will not be anytime soon!

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