Extravagant diamond rings are gaining popularity
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Extravagant diamond rings are gaining popularity

Unusual diamond engagement rings are the new modern ring to be

Extravagant diamond ringsEvery individual has its own taste when it comes to diamond rings. Some would prefer a diamond engagement ring that comes with a solitaire setting, high prong, halo setting or tension setting. Whatever your diamond ring preference is, there must be a ring out there for you. Some diamond ring settings have been in the market for a long time, therefore some say that trends stick around forever and some change every year or even every season.

This year, extravagance is gaining popularity in the form of unusual diamond rings that are the new modern ring styles. Ring styles we have not seen in the jewelry industry before but is popping up more and more. Rumors say that Mister Charming George Clooney started this change in ring styles by giving Amal Alamuddin a 7 carat emerald cut in the color yellow. A combination that is unlikely to see. This extravagant yellow diamond ring was given by George Clooney as an engagement ring to his beautiful Alamuddin.

This year diamond fancy cuts are getting more popular…. because extravagant they are! Cuts such as marquise, pear, emerald, oval, radiant and Asscher are increasing in popularity. Together with the diamond shapes, colored diamonds are gaining popularity. However, we are not all multi-millionaires and tcolored diamonds are often set as decorative shoulder stones.

While a ring setting is very important to deliver your message, it is smart not to choose a setting that steals the show. A simple ring setting such as bezel, tension or prong puts all the focus on the diamond which is the most valuable facet of the ring. Examples of extravagant ring styles that are having a good year are the Cigar bands and Stacking bands.

Cigar bands
A great way to escape the traditional ring bands is the Cigar bands. The bands are wider which allows the wearer to add diamonds or other gemstones around the edge. Making your ring more noticeable and unique.

Stacking Bands
Combining your engagement ring and wedding ring is getting more common. Stacking bands means that you are matching different rings with each other to wear on one finger. Or even stacking rings that are not matching since they are not made as a matched set. This new trend opens doors for the wearer to add more rings for every life event.

So, what is your engagement ring going to be, traditional or extravagant?

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