Extraordinary combination of a ruby & colorless diamonds sold!
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Extraordinary combination of a ruby & colorless diamonds sold!

Most important “Pigeon’s Blood” ruby realized more than $18 million USD

Crimson flame ruby and diamonds ringThe “Crimson Flame” is a beautiful yet extraordinary combination of a ruby and colorless diamonds, is auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong on December 1 2015. This “Pigeon’s Blood” (red) ruby was the most important ruby that has ever appeared at an action in Asia.
The “Crimson Flame” is a rare Burmese “Pigeon’s Blood” ruby of 15.04 carats surrounded with colorless diamonds ring. The ring was estimated to fetch between $10 to $15 million USD at the Christie’s auction held in Hong Kong. However, the ring has fetched $18,382,385 million USD, much more than was estimated by experts.

The ruby in this extraordinary ring is a cushion shaped ruby that has a report of the Gübelin GemLab. The ruby has no indications of heating according to the report and is accompanied by an appendix stating that the ruby possesses many more outstanding characteristics, making the ruby very rare for Burmese rubies of this size. The cushion shaped ruby also has a certificate from SSEF, a Swiss gemological Institute report. To emphasize the strong red color of the ruby the diamond ring has cushion shaped diamonds surrounding the ruby. These cushion shaped diamonds are colorless which makes the contrast of colors even bigger. In addition, the diamond ring is gold and has the ring size of 5½.

For more information of the “Crimson Flame” see the lots at Christie’s auction for Dec 1 2015.
*Note, this lovely ruby originating from Burma (Myanmar) may not be imported to the U.S.


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