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Every diamond jewelry piece tells a unique story

Auction house Christie’s shares 5 memorable jewelry stories including a tiny intense red diamond

  As the title of Christie’s new article is “every jewelry tells a story” many of us will directly think of the story behind their jewelry. Perhaps the story behind that diamond ring you received from your grandmother pops up in mind just like a famer thought about his red diamond in the vault. All stories are valuable and memorable yet some are very unique. Christie’s their specialist did some recount and shared the 5 most memorable experiences with us to be amazed about.

No 1. The farmer’s little red diamond

Little red diamond
This story goes back to early 1987 when a jewelry specialist called Fançios Curiel received a phone call of a banker in Iowa. The banker shared that the patriarch of a farming family had just passed away and had left a farm, property and a cache of small gemstones. One of those fine gemstones was a tiny red diamond of 0.95-carat. This diamond was valued at $150.000 while fetching much higher at the auction.

Because back in 1987 technology was not as accessible as it is today, the farmer could not take photographs of the red gemstone so Christies sent a specialist. Specialist Curial was amazed by the intensity of the red diamond, as he had never seen one that intense before.

In April 1987 in New York the little red diamond became a big star on the auction. The diamond was sold for $880.000! That is $920.000 per carat for the red diamond and became the world record, which stood for more than 20 years.

No 2. The forgotten pearls that fetched a fortune

Forgotten pearl necklace
A Spanish client of Christie’s kept a necklace of pearls in a box on her dressing table for more than 20 years as she thought they would be a bit more expensive than beads. Yet when specialist David Warrend came by to examine the necklace it turned out the pearls were natural and made by Cartier. The necklace was sold in 2015 for an amazing price of $713.000

No 3. Treasure from a chest of drawers

Pendant with diamonds and pearls
In the back of a chest drawer an English woman inherited from her grandmother she found a pendant. The pendant with diamonds and pearls did not appear to her as great value so she almost went to a charity shop. Lucky for her she decided to show it to a Christie’s specialist first. Resulting in a sale price of 46.200 pound!
The gold and enamel fine Art Nouveau pendant was signed by René Lalique and dated 1895.

No 4. A bolt from the blue

Blue diamond ring
An elderly woman who was preparing to sell her house and relocate came across her blue diamond ring her father had given her when she was in her twenties. The woman had never worn the diamond ring and placed it in a desk drawer that was forgotten later on. After 60 years the woman contacted Christie’s to take a look at the blue diamond ring. Specialist Raymond Sancroft-Baker viewed the ring and was speechless. The ring had a good quality blue diamond of 7.81-carat accompanied with colorless side stones. The blue diamond was so special and very large in size that it was sold by Christies for 2.6 million pounds in December 2010. Amazing how this beauty of this value had been lying in a drawer for so long.

No 5. Black pearl beauties – but how many were natural?

Black pearl necklace
The wife of a high- ranked businessman who had worked in Mexico reached out to Christie’s to appraise a black pearl necklace. The specialist was excited to get this opportunity as Mexico is one of the few places where natural pearls are found. After testing the pearls the specialist confirmed that the necklace with platinum square cut diamond barrel clasp had 7 genuine black pearls and the other ones treated.

While only 7 of the pearls were genuine black pearls, the price it fetched was high. On the 16th of June in 2015 the necklace was sold for $18.750.

Curious what that jewelry piece you own is worth? Give a simple call or email to our specialist to find out what your jewelry is worth. Who knows, you might be sitting on a treasure.

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