Find out diamond industry’s April 2016 need-to-know updates
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Find out diamond industry’s April 2016 need-to-know updates

From failed Shirley blue diamond sale to exceeded selling price for new Harry Winston top lot of 15.52-carat

    Every week is interesting in the diamond industry, definitely if there were exciting auctions. One of the unexpected updates was that the Shirley blue diamond failed to sell. If you missed some of the updates, we have collected some of the need-to-know updates to be right on track for this week.

The unsuccessful sale of the Shirley blue diamond

Shirley Temple Blue Saphire Diamond Ring

Last week the amazing blue diamond lot at the Magnificent Jewels Sale that belonged to the late Shirley Temple failed to sell. Sotheby’s auction house offered this fancy deep blue diamond ring in New York with an opening bid of 19 million. The ring which includes an exceptional stone in quality, provenance and rarity closed at the bidding diamond price of $22 million, which sounds like a good price but it was below the diamond ring’s reserve price.
Sotheby comments that it is unfortunate that it was not its night in the salesroom but they remain fully confident that it will find a buyer.

Announcement of upcoming sale that is estimated to get more than $15 million

On May 18 Christie’s Geneva will auction 46 lots of jewelry from former wife of the Aga Khan, Gabriela Princess zu Leiningen. Highlights in these 46 lots are for example:


  • The ‘Phol” Diamond by Cartier: Massive 36.09-carat mounted on platinum tapered by baguette cut diamond shoulders. Estimated price $3.8 million to $5.5 million
    Phol Diamond Ring Auction

  • Emerald & Diamond necklace by Cartier: Detachable necklace with cushion-shaped emerald pendant weighing approximately 39.7-carats. Next to this green emerald there are five more emeralds in the necklace weighing more than 16 carats in total. Estimated price $2.5 million to $3.5 million
    Emerald and Diamond necklace

  • Pair of sapphire & diamond earrings by Cartier: two sapphires, weighing 24.69 and 25.63 carats that are detachable from the diamonds set in platinum. Estimated price $600.000 to $800.000
    Sapphires and diamond pair of earrings

  • Sapphire and diamond ring by Cartier: Sapphire weighs 21.06-carat and set in platinum between baguette cut shoulder diamond. Estimated $600.000 to $800.000

Top lot at Bonham's auction house exceeds upper pre-sale selling price

Harry Winston Diamond Ring Auction

While this lot has great perfection it did not catch the media attention it deserves, luckily it did catch a diamond price that it definitely deserves. The top lot at Bonham was the step-cut diamond of 15.52-carat D color, VVS2 that was designed by Harry Winston. A bidder gave $1.6 million, which exceeded the upper pre sale estimated price of $1.3 million.

Rare Burmese Ruby fetched great diamond price at Christie's

After the disappointing news of the failed sell of the lead item at Sotheby’s this ‘Jubilee Ruby’ sale at Christie’s caught a great price of $14.2 million. The 15.99-carat Burmese ruby with oval-shaped diamonds surrounded fetched to be precise $885,866 per carat. Resulting in the price of $14.2 million while it was estimated at $12- $15 million.
The total auction of Christie's realized a total of $57 million due to other sales such as the cushion modified brilliant cut of 10.07-carat fancy intense purple-pink diamond.

Potential new pink diamond source found

Pink diamonds are very rarely found in nature but an Australian diamond mining company may have discovered a potential new source of pinks. During a trial mining in a new area in Angola a 0.2-carat intense fancy pink diamond was found. One finding is not the lead to a potential new source, but more could be found there. In the same Angola area the company found in 2013 a 4 carat pink diamond and two 14 carat pink stones. Meaning this mine might be a possible new source of fancy colored pink diamonds.
If that is not brilliant enough, a number of special diamonds described as those weighing more than 10.8-carat were found. Even a 59-carat type I diamond and 33-carat type Ila D-colored stone.
Again an interesting week in the diamond industry, looking forward to next updates which will definitely include the upcoming sale of Oppenheimer Blue!

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