Dazzling diamond jewelry at SAG Award 2015
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Dazzling diamond jewelry at SAG Awards 2015

No award show is complete without diamond jewelry

Diamond Jewelry 2015 SAG red carpetOn January 25th 2015 many Hollywood celebrities wore their best diamond jewelry to steal the show on the red carpet. The SAG Awards of 2015 was amazingly filled with diamond jewelry, such as diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets and diamond rings. Some of the celebrities were wearing diamond jewelry worth more than a couple million. Reese Winterspoon was wearing diamond jewelry worth more than 3, 5 million US dollar. Her Emerald cut diamond earrings weighing 9.2 carats graced with a Princess cut diamond line bracelet that was filled with diamonds with a 25.62 carat weight in total made for a fantastic look. But to finish the outfit, Reese was wearing a cushion cut pink sapphire - diamond cluster ring.
Recently colored gemstones have been seen frequently on the red carpets especially colored diamonds such as, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, pink diamonds or even blue diamonds. Another trend that is still going strong on the red carpet is the ear cuff, which started in 2014. Big stars such as Emma Stone and Keira Knightley decorated their ears with trending colorless “less-is more” ear cuffs that evening which drew attention of many fashionista. Of course many celebrities on the red carpet worn jewelry of favorable jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Take for example Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland. She amazed us with beautiful Lorraine Schwartz earring that suited her dress perfectly.

diamon ring julianne mooreNot only dresses on the red carpet are becoming more impressive, the diamond jewelry designs are more stunning than ever. Take for example the breathtaking oval cut diamond of 10.34 carat worn by best actress winner, Julianne Moore. Her diamond ring was an oval cut diamond mounted in a ring setting which was inspired by a halo ring setting. However, this halo setting is modified into a stunning “swirl” halo setting, where the center stone is circled with smaller diamonds. A halo setting means that there are smaller diamonds around a center diamond making the center stone look even bigger and shinier. Diamond jewelry spotted on the red carpet is often an inspiration source for diamond buyers who want to create their own diamond jewelry.

The easiest way to create your own diamond rings based on your own ideas, is to buy loose diamonds together with a diamond expert, after which they will be mounted onto a personalized jewelry piece. Diamond Registry has helped a lot of diamond buyers with creating their own unique wedding rings, engagement rings or other jewelry pieces. An experienced wholesale diamond expert will search for your loose diamond, which will be sourced from the wholesale diamond market. And as final, our in house jewelers can design the jewelry together with you. Nothing stands in your way to shine as these celebrities on the red carpet did.



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