Diamond Jewelry trends at MET GALA
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Diamond Jewelry trends at MET GALA

It is said celebrities often create trends, but will these diamond trends make it?

    Recently the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Benefit) gala was again filled with big names of Hollywood stars that literally shined on the red carpet with stunning diamond jewelry mainly made by favorite diamond jeweler Lorraine Schwartz! The diamond jewelry could likely become diamond trends for many of us since trends are often made by celebrities. This exclusive social event in New York is one of the biggest annual red carpet fashion events in the U.S. and grows each year. To attend this event the guest and celebrities have to pay, according to sources, $30.000 to attend!

However, to be honest not everyone pays - some stars are guests of brands, which do need to buy a table for a reported $275.000.
Every year the MET gala has a theme, this year it was Manus x Machina: fashion in an Age of Technology- meaning futuristic looks. While the gowns and suits are always the main focus, this year jewelry was an important feature as well.

Find out in this overview which diamond jewelry trends were presented on the MET gala by the stars.

Timeless Diamond Studs VS Statement diamond earrings
Diamond Earrings
True statement earrings with loose diamonds mounted around the lovely pink accent gems.

Extravagant watches with diamonds

Diamonds for Men
Hip-hop royalty Nas showed up on the red carpet with an 18 carat golden Rolex with custom diamond bezels. If that was not glimmering enough he had a massive canary yellow diamond pendant right under his bow tie and had four diamond shirt studs! Think men can not wear diamonds? Nas totally proves that wrong.

Huge dazzling diamond rings
Diamonds Rings Kendall Jenner
This hand picture of Kendall Jenner with amazing diamond rings made by Lorraine Schwartz went viral and is already one of the trends that will definitely make it. The combination of different diamond shapes and playful use of the fingers creates beautiful stunning effect.

Lady Gaga Diamond Jewelry
Lady Gaga loves the designs of Lorraine too and we definitely understand when looking at the ring design she wore that evening.

Kim Kardashian Diamond Jewelry
While combining the multi finger horizontal diamond ring with her engagement ring, Kim Kardashian truly deserves to be in the list of diamond jewelry trends at MET gala! Because what an AMAZING design of colorless diamonds in different sizes combined by Lorraine Schwartz. Look at the earcuff she was wearing that matched her rings perfectly.

Diamond Rings Beyonce
Queen B looked royal and powerful with these dazzling diamond rings on almost each finger. From rings that include 50-carats of light pink diamonds and 30-carat of nude diamonds, the total value of these Lorraine Schwartz jewelry was $8 million.

To sum up: diamond studs, statement diamond earrings, extravagant watches and huge diamond rings were the diamond jewelry trends that were obviously dominating the red carpet. Would you like to see more of the diamond jeweler worn at the MET- Gala? Click here to dream on.

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