The diamond jewelry at Grammys Red Carpet 2016
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The diamond jewelry at Grammys Red Carpet 2016

Sparkling diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that shall soon be trending!

 Each year when it is time for the Grammys the celebrities will look outstanding on the red carpet with the perfect outfit and diamond jewelry. Again this year the amount of diamonds were tremendous due to all the sparkling diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that were such great designs that those will soon be trending in the market.

carrie underwood 48 carat diamondnecklaceOne of the great diamond jewelry highlights at the Grammys 2016 was the more than 48-carat diamond necklace Carrie Underwood wore after receiving it as a Valentine’s Day gift. Husband of Underwood who married her in 2010 designed the necklace together with a jeweler to celebrate Valentine. The necklace is a true statement necklace due to the amount of diamonds, red rubies and yellow diamonds used and is estimated by experts to be worth up to $3 million USD. The media goes crazy about the necklace which is named “The Heartbeat Ruby Necklace with the Firefly Yellow Diamond” just like we do since it is a true eye-cather that has more than 20 carat of red Burmese rubies, 16 carat of brilliant colorless diamonds and 12-carat vivid yellow solitaire diamond! That matched with the canary yellow diamond engagement ring.

Next to Carrie Underwood her necklace many more celebrities wore diamond jewelry designs that will inspire you and the diamond market. See below some of the diamond jewelry of the Grammys Red Carpet 2016.

Taylor Swift

diamond orange sapphire ring

One of the big winners of the evening was Taylor Swift, who looked amazing in the dress that had a spicy spark due to the popular choker with natural sapphires and that colorfull diamond- orange sapphire ring on her pinky. Favorite Red Carpet jeweler Lorraine Schwartz designed all jewelry pieces for Taylor that evening, and she rocked it!

Demi Lovato

Dressed in black Demi Lovato still catced your eye due to the blast of confidence she showed and of course the filled with diamonds body chain she shows out of her outfit. In addition, Demi her fingers were full with diamond finger cuffs. But for her performance Demi changed her outfit and sparkled another statement diamond jewelry!

Ariana Grande

2 diamond rings colorless earrings

Beautiful and elegant Ariana Grande stepped on the Red Carpet wearing statement earrings that were mounted full with colorless diamonds but still looked classic and elegant. Topping it off with another bling bracelet and two diamond rings on each hand while holding a matching metal clutch.

Chrissy Teigen

Rose cut diamond earrings

How much more lovely and elegant can Chrissy be than she was at the Grammys when wearing white gown and showing a big baby bump? She looked amazing, balancing her outfit with great rose cut diamond earrings with halo setting and unique designed rings made by Lorraine Schwartz. John Legend couldn't be more proud!

Elly Goulding

Combined with her golden hair Elly Goulding her diamond necklace and diamond stud came out even better.

Lady Gaga

blue sapphire diamond rings

She preformed and honored David Bowie in an incredible way at the Grammys and once again Lorraine Schwartz was the one to provide the diamond jewelry. The golden diamond leaf earrings and matching blue sapphire diamond rings made Lady Gaga her whole appearance complete not even mentioning the other 3 diamond rings she was wearing on the other hand.

Elle King

4 diamond bracelets and 3 rings

In one word, wow! Elle King sparkled up with wearing 4 diamond bracelets and 3 rings at one side!
Amazing diamond jewelry at the Grammys Red Carpet, right? We cannot get enough of the new designs jewelers come up with and are definitely inspired! For more pictures and diamond jewelry have a look HERE.

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