One of a kind diamond jewelry seen at BaselWorld 2015
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One-of-a-kind diamond jewelry seen at BaselWorld 2015

Stunning new diamond jewelry trends show at BaselWold 2015

Diamond jewelry Secret Garden Necklace filled with candy colored diamonds baseworld 2015Do we still remember jewelry and watches show of BaselWorld 2015? Well, we do remember and we want to share the top jewelry designs that were present at BaselWorld 2015 with you all.

Let's start with a necklace that is so colorful that it is perfect to launch the spring of this year. It is called the Secret Garden Necklace and is filled with candy colored diamonds and other gems. These colored gems are mixed with carved hardstone, gold and enamel resulting into a necklace that would definitely inspire spring collection jewelry in the future. If this is not inspiring enough the “flowers in bloom” necklace will definitely be the inspiration for spring. The necklace looks like a field full of fresh cut and fragrant flowers. Made of white gold and composed with 3,421 diamonds that are in total 31.52 carats.

Diamond jewelry flower necklace baseworld 2015Another necklace that is truly one-of-a-kind is the high jewelry necklace made of 18k white and rose gold. In addition, the necklace contains briolette-cut emeralds that are approximately 89.63 carat together. If that is not enough sparkle, this necklace contains 19 round-cut rubies (approximately 12.66 carat),1,366 emeralds (approximately 60.20 carat), 2603 white diamonds (approximately 137,54 carat) and 29 excellent cut marquise-shaped white diamonds that are 11.01 carat together. Not only necklaces were inspiring for diamond jewelry also the rings, earrings and bracelets were inspiring. Noticeable is that in every jewelry piece diamonds are inevitable in the design. Take for example these jewelry pieces filled with diamonds.


Diamond jewelry Paraiba tourmaline ring gold made (photo 1)    Diamond jewelry Falco bracelet made of 18k rose gold, white, brown and black diamonds  Diamond jewelry earrings made of colored sapphires and diamonds

A beautiful colored ring made of 18k white gold made our heads turn. It contains a 41.57 oval shape Paraiba tourmaline with diamond accents around it which are 8.8 carats in total (photo 1). This interesting hand-crafted high-karat golden jewelry piece shaped into an elegant fish with a cupid. It is an artistic display filled the rare diamonds (photo 2). A unique Falco bracelet that is made of 18k rose gold and is set with white, brown and black diamonds to make the dramatic look (photo 3). Or these white and rose smoky quartz earrings with multiple colored sapphires and diamonds (photo 4).

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