Diamond Investement: next best investment after gold!
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Diamonds next best investment after gold!

Investors listen up- loose diamonds attractive investment option as gold rally will sputter

   In history buying gold has been the commodity investor's best friend yet it seems that interest is changing to another luxury item, diamonds. The reasons for the change after a golden age history with gold is because of the fear that the gold’s rally will sputter. Together with USD rate hike that is creeping higher and long positions in bullion soaring, diamonds are becoming more favourable.

The chart shows that diamonds are gaining more appeal compared to gold due to uncertainty shared by Bloomberg from Citigroup, see below.

Diamond investment value chart
The blue line represents gold and the white line represents the rough diamond index composition. As you can see in the chart the diamond index level is growing close to gold, making them the next best commodity after gold.

Which fancy diamond picks are favorable in the market nowadays

The statistics show next to the rising appeal for diamond oval and pear shape diamonds are doing well. The emerald cuts sales are improving for only the large carat sizes while heart shape and princess shape diamonds are going slower in the market nowadays. However, in overall the top quality fine cut fancy cut diamond shape buyers are extremely picky. The buyers are very selective and insist on excellent shape proportions resulting in significant price difference between excellent and average cut fancy shape diamonds. Meaning that at the same time the poorly cut fancy cut diamonds are very hard to be sold in the market, and likely at a higher discounted price.

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