Sapphire blue diamond oval cut for auction
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Global interest for blue diamond from Bonhams auction

Kashmir sapphires and rare blue diamond are top lots for Bonhams Auction September 20

  Auction house Bonhams will kick off its autumn auction season on September 20 with a blue diamond that caught global attention. The blue oval cut diamond is not the only top lot that is getting a lot of attention; the Kashmir sapphire earrings are as they deserve one of the top lots.

Blue oval diamond from Bonham auction
The reason why this blue diamond is getting its attention is because it has been graded Fancy Intense Blue with no modification or secondary color. Making it even more rare, the diamond cut into an oval shape is sized 3.81-carat while being accompanied with a GIA certificate. The experts are expecting this oval cut diamond is going to sell for $1,57 million to $2.4 million. Meaning the diamond is up to $620,631 per carat! This beauty shall be mounted in a 18-karat white golden four claw setting originating from a private British collection.

Head of jewelry at Bonhams UK & Europe shares that blue diamonds are extraordinarily rare and accounted for only 0.004% of all diamonds mined. Making blue diamonds that are categorized as Fancy Intense Blue with no modifiying or secondary color even more rare, explaining the global interest for this piece.

The exceptional Kashmir sapphire earrings are from the 19th century. The sapphires are cushion shaped and weighing 8.97 and 8.93 carat. The AGL and SSEF laboratories have graded the sapphires and delivered reports. In the reports the sapphires are of Kashmir origin, no evidence of heat treatment and described as saturated and vivid blue color. The contrast between the extreme blue and colorless diamonds makes it fashionable and never out of fashion.
It is not the first time Bonham is selling a blue diamond, as the auction house has a strong track record for blue diamonds. The auction house even holds world auction records for price-per-carat ($1.77 million per carat) in the category fancy deep blue diamonds.

Sapphire blue diamond oval cut earrings
Interested in more pieces of Bonham? Check out their website and discover for example more about an old piece of eaarings from circa 1830!

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