The 8 largest and miraculous rough diamonds found in Africa
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The 8 largest and miraculous rough diamonds found in Africa

“Lesedi La Rona” is world's largest rough diamond ever found in more than 100 years

   Africa has the highest rough diamonds production, more than any other continent and it is also where the largest diamonds are found. The “Lesedi La Rona” the world’s largest rough diamond ever found in more than 100 years is now available to see for the public in London before it goes up for auction. At the auction this 1,109-carat diamond is expected to fetch more than $70 million US, very impressive right? Let’s get to know the 7 other large rough diamonds found in Africa.

The 404.2-carat diamond from Angola

404.2-carat diamond from Angola

A colorless diamond of 404.2-carat has been found in February 2016 and is 7 centimeters across, the same size of your credit card. The value of this rough diamond is $14 million since it is categorized as a Type IIa stone, A Type IIa stone is virtually flawless and that is the rarest color grade for a white diamond.


The 813-carat diamond from Botswana

813-carat diamond from Botswana

The same mining company, which found the largest diamond in the world in more than 100 years, found this 813-carat in November 2015. This rough diamond was purchased for $63 million


The 507-carat diamond from the Cullinan Mine

507-carat diamond from the Cullinan Mine

In 2009, an incredible 507-carat diamond was found in the famous Cullinan mine located in South Africa. This Cullinan mine has delivered enormous diamonds, including the latest sold “Cullinan Dream” Blue. This 507-carat diamond is among the 20 largest diamonds ever discovered and has exceptional color. In addition, this diamond was found very close to the 168-carat diamond, 58.5-carat and 53.3-carat.


The 3,106-carat diamond from the Cullinan Mine

3,106-carat diamond


In 1905, the miners discovered this colorless 3,106-carat rough diamond. This diamond was at time of discovery the largest diamond ever found. King Edward VII got the stone presented and took it in his British crown jewels collection. The diamond is estimated to be worth nearly $300 million USD. In 1985, at the same site another large diamond was found - the Golden Jubilee.


The tennis ball sized diamond of 1,109-carat

1,109-carat diamond

As shared before the diamond is now on tour and is viewable in London before going up for auction. The diamond was discovered in Botswana in November 2015. The diamond was so large that it did not fit into the conventional scanners to determine the diamond size. Experts estimated the diamond to be worth $70 million. Sotheby’s who will be helping to auction of the diamond says it is the largest gemstone in existence.


The 78-carat diamond discovered at sea

153-carat diamond found in Kono

In 2014 one of the largest diamonds ever found at sea was discovered. The diamond has a weight of 78-carat and was stolen during a strike at the company before it got announced to the world. Due to the stealing the value has not been estimated because it was still in that process when it got taken.


The 153-carat diamond found in Kono district of Sierra Leone

153-carat diamond found in Kono

In 2014 this 153-carat diamond got found and broke this century’s record for giant diamonds in the country. Previous record holder in that district was the 125-carat diamond found in 2013.


The 500-carat diamond in Lesotho

500-carat diamond in Lesotho

In 2008 this large 500-carat diamond was discovered with very few inclusions and rare color. The value of this diamond before being cut up was $12 million!

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