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8 gem-quality diamonds larger than 100 carat recovered from Karowe mine

8 gem quality diamondsSince the 1st of April, the Lucara Diamond Corporation has uncovered 13 diamonds that were 100 carats, with two diamonds exceeding 200 carats. 8 rough diamonds have been classified as gem-quality diamonds. Two of those are at 153 carats and the largest is at 259 carats. Since the start of the second quarter, the diamond mine has produced 239 diamonds larger than 10.80 carat, which includes 27 diamonds within the 50 carat and 100 carat range.

On July 18th, the company will host a stone tender with client viewing scheduled both in Gaborone and Antwerp. Currently, the company is in the process of selecting the diamonds for the tender and it expects to publish details of the offering shortly. The president of Lucara, said, “The ongoing recovery of these large and exceptional white diamonds continues to establish the Karowe mine as a rare source of truly exceptional diamonds. The ongoing recovery of such stones is encouraging for a potential third exceptional stone tender during the fourth quarter of 2014."

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