A 2.97-carat diamond ring was sold for 2.2 million USD
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A 2.97-carat diamond ring was sold for 2.2 million USD

Fancy greyish- blue diamond fetched the highest auction price per carat in its category

2.97 carat greyish blue diamond   In London on December 5, Bonham auction house sold a very unique 2.97-carat diamond ring for 2.2 million USD. The diamond ring includes a fancy greyish- blue diamond that was in the pre-sale estimated for $752.00 to $1.05 million. Not only the diamond mounted in the ring will catch your eye, but also the design of the diamond ring is gorgeous.

Greyish diamond ringThe greyish- blue diamond is cut into the popular fancy shape called emerald cut or as others say rectangular step- cut fancy. By the GIA this diamond is graded as having clarity VVS2, which means very, very small inclusions. These inclusions are not visible with the naked eye, but even a professional grader will have difficulties with a magnifier. In addition, the center diamond is surrounded by square-cut sapphires and diamonds arranged in a unique stepped formation. Giving the white golden ring an interesting appearance when looking from the side or the top. While the diamond ring appears modern the design is dated from 1971.

Next to this successful lot at the auction a pair of late nineteenth-century sapphire and diamond earrings got sold for an amazing $2.3 million. Just like the greyish- blue diamond ring it was sold above expected price. Besides the fact that these earrings are beautiful, the owner will be wearing earrings that belonged to an European princess! The sapphires in the earrings are two cushion-cut Kashmir sapphires weighing 7.92 carats and the other 7.96 carats. In addition, around the sapphires old brilliant cut diamonds border weighing a total of 7.1 carat. But the other world record for price per carat was made by a telephone bidder for a 10.28 carat Madagascan ruby.


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