100 years of diamond engagement rings in 3 minutes
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Find out 100 years of engagement rings in less than 3 minutes

Which diamond ring style was trending in 1910 & which one now?

 Recently Mode’s released a very interesting video that went viral regarding engagement rings of the last 100 years. In the video you will go back to the diamond ring styles of 1910 and in 3 minutes see ring styles to 2015. See below the 3-minute video that takes you through 100 years of engagement rings and the details years by years. Enjoy!

1910s- Classic Solitaire Diamond Rings
The diamond ring style in the 1910s, simple, elegant and focused on the center stone. The center stone was the round old European cut diamond, which was set into the six-prong mounting. In addition, the diamond rings were in 14k yellow gold.

1920s: Diamond & Platinum Ring
In just 10 years the elegant six-prong ring style changed to something more special. The round old European cut diamond was then set into a pierced platinum openwork ring mounting highlighted with brilliant round diamonds with a mill-grain detail.

1930s: Art Deco Ring
The engagement rings in this time were also platinum and mounted with the early round modern brilliant cut diamond while being highlighted by round diamonds in a pierced open work mounting.

1940s: The Filigree Mounting
Engagement rings that has been platinum for years turns to white gold in 1940 after it made its comeback when it got introduced in the late 1920s along with the trend filigree mounting.

1950s: Back to Round
The engagement ring with flanked round diamonds stepped down in 1950s and made place to go back to only a round brilliant cut diamond set in a 14k white golden ring.

1960s: The start of the fancy diamond shapes Era
Say hello to the fancy cut diamonds, emerald cut in particular. The engagement rings were in this time often emerald cut diamonds set in platinum.

1970s: The Marquise Diamond
From emerald diamond to the Marquise diamond that are set in yellow golden ring setting with channel-set round brilliant cut diamonds. Which can ideally match with matching wedding bands.

1980s: Solitaire Reigns Supreme
The Engagement rings in 1980s were with a brilliant round diamond in the center with at the sides rectangular baguettes flank it while being mounted in platinum.

1990s: Radiant Cut Stones
The year where radiant cut diamonds became popular for engagement rings while being flanked by triangular shaped diamonds. In addition, the ring metal matching the radiant cut stones is the 18k white gold.

2000s: Princess Cut Stones
The princess cut diamond highlighted the engagement rings in the 2000s while being accompanied by round diamonds set in the whole ring band which was platinum or white gold.

2010 to 2015: The Halo Diamond Ring
Already since 2010 to 2015 the halo mountings became the most preferred engagement ring mounting. Together with the increased love for the fancy colored diamonds! Find out 100 years of engagement rings in less than 3 minutes


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