Rare & Superb 10.10 carat IF Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond up for auction!
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Rare & Superb 10.10 carat IF Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond up for auction!

The market is thrilled for this oval cut diamond and is estimated up to 30-35 million USD by experts

 The Sotheby’s in Hong Kong is going to present an extremely rare and superb 10.10 carat IF Fancy vivid blue diamond upcoming April auction. The rare colored oval cut diamond is one among twelve rare diamonds out of the renowned De Beers Millennium Jewels collection and is already estimated to fetch up to 30-35 million USD.

10 carat diamond blue color

Colored diamonds are much harder to find in nature than colorless diamonds especially fancy vivid colored diamonds! Now this 10.10 carat diamond is even extremely large in size for a colored diamond and it is graded Internally Flawless (IF) and Fancy Vivid blue the highest grades in the grading scale a colored diamond can get. The fact that it is blue is already very rare among colored diamonds since it is the rarest color. The combination of IF and vivid color is even more rare. The last decade has found fewer and fewer rough blue diamonds so once again we are amazed of this upcoming sale. Quek Chin Yeow, Chairman of the international Jewellery Asia commented “Over the years the Sotheby’s has had the honored to bring to the market many important colored diamonds, including the famous Blue Moon of Josephine that set the world auction record for any diamond last November.

10 carat blue diamond ring
De Beers Millennium Jewels collection contains eleven blue diamonds and one colorless diamond. The 10.10 carat oval cut diamond is the only oval shaped one among the twelve diamonds. But each of the eleven blue diamonds in this collection boasts a combination of great color intensity, saturation and brilliance. The fact that Sotheby’s is able to auction off a collection of such rare beauties of the diamond industry is for most of us not to see like this again.

So do you want to be one of the lucky ones to see this rare gemstone? The whole ‘De Beers Millennium Jewels 4’ collections is going to be exhibited across the world until April 5 when it goes under the hammer in Hong Kong. Locations as New York, London, Geneva, Singapore and Taipei will be included in the exhibition so when you are around, it is definitely worth checking out. Here a video to catch a glimpse of this extremely rare Blue Diamond.

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