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Estimating a diamond’s value

The 2 carat diamond price is very affordable even when diamonds are very rare and popular. A two carat diamond is slightly larger than a 1 carat diamond which can make it more eye-catching. But to estimate the diamond’s value you need to know the 4C’s: clarity, color, cut and carat.

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How to calculate the wholesale diamond price

Diamond prices have a very wide range depending on the 4C’s. Therefore, the 2 carat diamond price can be extremely high or affordable. However, if you decide to buy a loose diamond at a wholesale diamond price, it can save you money. To calculate the wholesale diamond price you have to know the price per carat. This is important because calculating the wholesale price requires the price per carat since the formula is: price per carat multiplied by the number of carats. So in this case the price per carat will be multiplied by 2.

Regarding the average wholesale prices for GIA certified 2 carat diamonds, the price can range between $ 10,120 –$ 96,800 depending on color and diamond clarity. Thus, the wholesale 2 carat diamond price is calculated by multiplying the price per carat by the number of carats.
For example, the price per carat for a 2 carat round, D color, VVS1 is $39.050

To calculate the 2 carat diamond price you have to multiply the $39.050 by 2. Thus the 2 carat diamond price of this round cut diamond, D color, VVS1 is approximately $78.100

* Prices are in US dollar

Get the best diamond and price

Now you know how to calculate the wholesale diamond price, it is obvious you would like to purchase at the best diamond price and get a good diamond that is a true investment. Matching the best diamond with the best price can be hard since the diamond industry is a unique market. By filling in a free quote our experienced diamond experts can help. Within minutes our team will search for the diamond you want. They will search for the world’s largest inventory of wholesale diamonds, in order to find you the best 2 carat diamond price available on today’s wholesale diamond market.


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