What's going on in the diamond market? - Part 3

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Every day is a busy day at the diamond market as diamonds are sold and bought to celebrate a milestone or to propose to the one you love. But what has specifically been going on in the diamond market this month? Read on to get the in's and out's about the most popular diamond cuts or activities in the Belgium diamond market.

Good demand for diamond sizes 0.70 to 1.99

While the larger gems were in good demand in the previous weeks the category diamonds in the carat range 0.70 to 1.99 are moving well. This increase in demand is not seen at the gems that are under 0.50ct as those are slowing down in demand. This slow down in 0.50ct diamonds resulted in manufacturers reducing production of this diamond size.

Pear cut diamond engagement ring- split shank- diamond registry Custom pear cut diamond engagement ring

Fashion jewelry stables the market of fancy diamonds

Fancy shaped diamonds such as princess, oval or marquise are not usual for engagement rings. Brides all over the world are still opting for a round diamond the most. The fancy shapes are getting more popular for the engagement rings but are mostly getting its demand from the fashion jewelry in the USA and Europe. The most popular fancy cut diamond at the moment is the oval cut diamond. This diamond shape its sparkle is similar to the round cut diamond but the surface of the stone is larger. No wonder that this shape is number two in the demand list. Following this diamond cut is the cushion, pear, and emerald cut diamonds. Buyers of the oval, cushion, pear or emerald do require the diamond to be excellent cut. The poor cut fancy shape diamonds are according to the market hard to sell even if they are offered with a discount. Rising in demand is the radiant shape diamond.

Mandy Moore - Steve granitz Mandy Moore Photo by Steve Granit

Marquise and Princess cut lowest in demand

While the has a very good benefit in appearance, looks much larger,? it is still one of the lowest demanded diamond shapes. Together with the princess cut these fancy shapes are performing the weakest.

Demand at the important diamond markets

In the United States, the market is less interested in diamonds under 0.50 ct and higher than 3ct. While Belgium is showing less interest in the diamond sizes 2 to 2.99 ct. Hong Kong is in general not interested in the diamond size 2ct unless the diamond is triple- ex with good color and medium clarity grade. The diamonds that are an interest in the USA? are the cushion and oval cut diamonds, while Belgium buyers show interest in the 1 to 2ct pear shape diamonds.

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