Pink Diamond Prices outperformed other colored diamonds

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The first quarter of 2019 has been firm for pink colored diamonds as it outruns the other popular diamond colors. The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) discovered this information and has shared this in its Fancy Color Diamond Index (FCDI) that was released last week.

“At a time of diamond-market uncertainty, fueled by growing white-diamond inventory and the emergence of lab-grown diamonds, most categories of fancy-color diamonds are showing continued pricing stability, with the pink segment posting slight price increases,” - Oren Schneider, an FCRF advisory board member.

The diamond prices for pink diamonds grew in this quarter with 0.5%. This rise in diamond price is in contrast to the overall prices for blue colored diamonds because this gem declined with 0.2% compared to the previous quarter. Odd as this diamond color held the top spot for colored diamonds. FCRF foto Yellow diamonds performed compared to the previous quarter even worse by slipping 1.5% affecting the overall index with 0.2% for colored diamonds.

“The color-diamond market as a whole is in a slowdown, following the hyper price rises of the past years,” “Demand always goes through cycles where values rise and fall.” - Alan Bronstein, president of the Natural Color Diamond Association.

The rise in performance is most seen in the colored diamonds weighing 1 carat. The Fancy Color Diamond Index tracks prices of yellow, pink and blue fancy-color diamonds in Hong Kong, New York, and Tel Aviv.