Pink diamond prices outperform other colored diamonds

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The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) shared with the industry interesting details about the pink diamond prices. Prices of the pink stones are outperforming the other major diamond colors during the second quarter according to the newest FCDI that got released. The price information from the FCRF is based on the diamond prices in the largest diamond markets Hong Kong, New York, and Tel Aviv. While blue diamonds are normally seen as the rarest and most desirable colored diamond, the pink diamonds rose 0.4% by the contrast of the blue diamonds that declined with 0.3%. The yellow diamonds declined by 0.8% which is more than the overall index for colored diamonds as that slipped 0.1% in price. pink and blue diamond heart

What can be the reason for the strong pink diamond price growth?

Experts assume that the increase in pink diamond prices is likely linked to the media coverage for the world's most famous mine for pink diamonds in Australia.

Diamond price growth in more detail

Pink diamonds The fancy vivid pink diamond category saw a diamond price increase of 1.3% from which the 2-carat fancy vivid ones rose 2.8%. Is 2-carat pink diamond the right carat size? Can be the case because the 1 fell 0.7% and 1.5-carat pink diamonds dropped 0.2%. The Pink Legacy - via Christie's video Blue diamonds The blue diamonds saw an increase in price for the 1 and 3-carat sizes. But the overall price for blue diamonds was still lowered by 0.95 because of the 8 to 10-carat sizes. The Ai Diamond - Picture from Sotheby's Yellow diamonds The yellow diamonds in the size 1 to 3 are dropping in price. From which the 1-carat yellow diamond dropped in price with a percentage of 2.7%. Not a good drop for the overall percentage of yellow diamonds. Luckily the 8-carat fancy yellow diamond category increased with 2.1% in the second quarter to impact the overall outcome.

“The recent price declines in the white goods created an overall negative psychological effect on all diamonds. This is probably the reason we also witnessed a decline of 0.1% in the Fancy Color Index.” explained FCRF advisory board member Eden Rachminov.