Jewelry Colors of the Month Named

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Several major events in the jewelry market in a recent month made it clear: it’s better to invest in green and pink gemstones. As already reported, pink diamonds were a top pick this spring. First, on Antwerp tender sale, 13-carat pink diamond was sold for $9 million. Then, the stone again rocked Lead Christie’s HK auction by showing the highest price paid for the jewelry.

The 3-Carat ‘Bubble Gum Pink’ Diamond sold for $7.5 million on Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Hong Kong ‘Bubble Gum Pink’ Diamond. Image source: National Jeweler

At the end of May, “Bubble Gum Pink” diamond, accompanied by marquise-shaped white and pear-cut pink diamonds, was sold for $7.5 million in Hong Kong. Finally, a pink-purplish diamond ring was among the most expensive lots on the “Important Jewels” in New York.

Earrings featuring emeralds sold for $4.4 million on Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Hong Kong “Grand Muzos” earrings. Image source: National Jeweler

Moreover, the Lead Christie’s HK auction proved the birth of a new fashion: green gems are officially in! What buyers want the most are diamonds combined with huge emeralds - $4.4 million was paid for the earrings with 23.34-carat and 23.18-carat Colombian no-oil emeralds, set with pearls and the scattering of 3-carat diamonds. On this auction, the third top pick was a necklace made of 47 jadeite beards, featuring an oval-shaped ruby and several circular-cut diamonds. It was sold for $1.9 million.

Natural green diamonds are increasing their value A fancy deep green diamond from Bonhams. Image source: Robb Report

Even the traditional Bulgari necklace made of colorless F and IF diamonds cost the buyer $1.6 million. Likely because it featured a 1.02-carat green-blue diamond in the middle. Seems like pink and green are truly the new black these days. Want to keep up with the fashion? Just send us a request and we’ll get the diamonds of your dream color for the best price!