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Published on February 28, 2024
Updated on May 27, 2024

Yellow is a cheerful color that attracts attention and evokes feelings of happiness and contentment. The natural yellow color of this engagement ring is enticing. Yellow-colored diamonds instantly lift one’s spirits.

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Yellow diamond engagement rings come in various shapes and sizes. To find the perfect yellow diamond engagement ring for you or your partner, keep in mind the following.

Yellow Diamond Ring

Yellow diamond engagement rings are purchased differently than white diamond engagement rings.

A yellow diamond for your engagement ring and wedding band stack is best chosen for its color. Cut and clarity are important factors when buying a yellow diamond, but so are personal preferences and budget.


The GIA rates traditional white diamond engagement rings D-Z. The colorless diamonds are D, E, and F.

Colored diamonds are not included in the D-Z color scale. These yellow-colored diamonds are graded differently. Precious yellow diamonds come in a variety of colors. Yellow diamond engagement ring value increases with yellow diamond saturation. Golden yellow diamonds have a dark yellow hue, while pale yellow diamonds have a paler hue.

diamond rings

With fancy yellow diamond engagement rings, a secondary color can be used to create a richer, darker stone.

When it comes to yellow diamond engagement rings, some of our customers prefer white diamonds with color ratings of X, Y, or Z. An “extravagant” diamond, but not a “expensive” one.


The round brilliant cut enhances the fire and brilliance of white diamonds. Fancy diamonds have a stronger, more vibrant yellow hue than round brilliants, making them ideal for yellow diamond engagement rings.

The radiant or cushion cut are excellent choices for a yellow diamond engagement ring. The facets (flat surfaces cut into a gemstone) show off the stone’s brilliance and yellow vibrancy in the radiant and cushion cuts. It’s a win-win!


Yellow diamonds’ color and cut are more important than clarity. White diamonds lack color, revealing flaws. Yellow diamond flaws are usually undetectable to the naked eye.

Yellow diamonds with SI2 clarity or higher are sufficient for a lower cost.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Style Ideas

Maybe you’ve always wanted your significant other to present you with a yellow diamond engagement ring. Maybe you’ve recently developed a taste for engagement rings with unusual diamond shapes. You’re probably wondering how you’d style your own yellow diamond engagement ring if you’ve found this post about the Diamond Registry’s yellow diamond engagement ring.

You can style your yellow diamond to either enhance or lighten its yellow hue. Our design consultants have compiled three suggestions for finding the perfect yellow diamond engagement ring.

Idea #1: Yellow Gold Enhances A Yellow Diamond’s Color.

When choosing a setting for your engagement ring, consider how different colored metals affect the fancy yellow diamond.

Gold brings out the best in a yellow diamond engagement ring, so it’s the most popular metal choice. The white gold or platinum setting lightens the yellow diamond. While a white gold or platinum setting does not enhance the yellow diamond, it does provide a pleasing visual contrast.

Idea #2: A White Diamond Halo Enhances A Yellow Diamond.

A halo of white diamonds surrounding the center stone will intensify the yellow of your yellow diamond engagement ring. Its captivating yellow color is enhanced by the contrast of yellow and white diamonds.

Idea #3: It’s A Simple Way To Enhance A Yellow Diamond.

A halo of white diamonds around your yellow diamond engagement ring will definitely enhance its color. The mesmerizing yellow stone is highlighted by the contrast of yellow and white diamonds.

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Nissan Perla has over 40 years in the diamond industry and is the CEO and Owner of Diamond Registry since 1979. Nissan is recognized as one of the talented experts in the diamond world and has been mentioned in publications such as The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Time Out, Sassy HK, and more.

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