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Published on February 27, 2024
Updated on May 27, 2024

If you think you know everything about diamonds, a rose cut is here to surprise you. This jewel is a representative of antique cuts and has an unusual and tempting appearance, thanks to the remarkable play of light and shadow on its surface. At the same time, this technique is so rare and legendary that it’s really a challenge to get a high-quality precious stone these days. Impossible is nothing, though. Let’s check the peculiarities and buying secrets that will help you get a rose cut diamond of your dreams.

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What is a rose cut diamond?

In essence, that’s a precious stone that has experienced a correlative cutting technique on its surface. Its top area resembles a flower: the facets “unfold” on a surface of a precious stone as fragile petals on a rose. it makes a jewel look a bit muted, though — especially compared with the classic diamond appearance, sparkling and shiny.

Rose cut diamond is an antique cut with facets that resemble rose petals

Schematically, this jewel has a flat bottom and a domed top composed of numerous tiny facets. Thanks to this structure, precious stones possess soft brilliance and a mysterious look, and this unusual appearance is relevant for any shape and carat weight.

The number of facets for a rose cut can be different, ranging from 3 and 24. This possible asymmetry, along with other factors mentioned below, can lead to some clear imperfections of a jewel, mostly disliked by the wide public. However, some of our clients don’t see it as a problem — for them, visible flaws only contribute to the charm of this shape.

How much is a rose cut diamond?

The average cost for this precious stone is the subject of many factors. As for any diamond, the 4C’s play a critical role in its price formation. Moreover, the general rarity of a rose cut comes into play.

The remarkable trait of this jewel is its tolerance to the low color quality. Due to its structure, a stone masks yellow and brown hues in colorless diamonds well. This enables making better decisions about other parameters in 4C’s within the same budget. Among all, it’s possible to invest in a better clarity grade and mask extra inclusions and blemishes.

But again — everything is the question of personal taste. Some people fancy vintage cuts with visible flaws because they have some “personality,” meaning authentic “freckles” and “crannies.” These people will get a cheaper jewel than more critical ones.

For rose cut, clarity is the most important factor among all diamond 4C’s

Should you buy a rose cut diamond?

For sure, this jewel is not for everyone. If you want a stone that sparkles like a disco ball and has the purest color possible, it won’t satisfy your needs. However, if you have other preferences in mind, a rose cut diamond can be a great option for the jewelry of your dreams.

4 reasons why you a rose cut is worth your engagement ring

The unique appearance and rarity of this shape call for careful attention and extra knowledge from you as a buyer. There are 4 main reasons why you should pick it in place of a brilliant cut for your ring.

Reason #1: True elegance

The special trait of a rose cut is its subtle yet luxurious appearance in a ring setting. Unlike a round brilliant cut, this jewel looks softer and not dazzling. If you’re not a big fan of being in the limelight, have an active traveling lifestyle, and yet fancy diamond jewelry, the rose cut is the proper compromise for your engagement ring.

Reason #2: Uniqueness

The remarkable trait of a rose cut diamond is its extreme rarity: this precious stone is indeed one in a million. Its special cutting technique can instantly enhance your ring’s appearance without the need to search for unusual colors and big carat weight. Be careful while picking the exact gemstone, though. Make sure you’ve found a true diamond enthusiast who can get you the requested jewel in the highest quality possible. For example, request a consultation from a Diamond Registry expert.

Reason #3: Size maximization

A rose cut diamond looks bigger than the other shapes in the same carat weight. The reason behind such a visual effect is the overall flatness of this diamond shape. It saves most of the area of the jewel that is usually eliminated in a round brilliant cut for the sake of extra sparkling.

Reason #4: Persistence

In the ring setting, the flat surface of a rose cut diamond is always safely stored. Thanks to this, the jewelry fits the people living an active life perfectly.

We recommend getting a rose cut for its uniqueness, persistence, and an outstanding ability to maximize the size of your diamond

The differences between a rose cut and a round brilliant cut diamond

Once both stones are placed next to each other, distinguishing a rose cut diamond from a brilliant cut one is not hard. That’s because their differences are striking:

  • Surface. The distinctive trait of a round brilliant cut is the flatness of its largest facet. Thanks to it, the precious stone passes a tremendous amount of light. In contrast, a rose cut diamond features a vault-shaped surface with several facets in a triangle shape.
  • Appearance in a ring. A rose cut diamond looks extremely flat in a setting. In its turn, any ring can mask the outstanding sparkling of a round brilliant cut.
  • Shape specifics. Due to the cutting technique applied, a rose cut looks bigger than a diamond of the same carat weight in a round brilliant cut. The reason is the presence of numerous tiny facets on its surface.
  • Brilliance. The round brilliant cut is known for extreme sparkling abilities, and a rose cut diamond cannot compare to this. The outstanding abilities of a traditional brilliant diamond are the result of making a tremendous number of facets (57 or 58 as a rule). On the contrary, the sparkling of a rose cut works great under candlelight only. Based on this characteristic, it’s easy to differentiate one shape from another.

Top 5 tips for buying a rose cut diamond

In addition to the basic 4C’s education, there are some shortcomings you should be aware of to get the best from this stone.

  1. Don’t be too critical about brilliance and symmetry. Compared to a classic round brilliant cut, a rose diamond shape doesn’t have extreme sparkling abilities. The same applies to the asymmetry that is acceptable for an antique rose cut but impossible for a round brilliant cut. So, you’d better pick another precious stone if outstanding brilliance and perfection are the most important factors for your buying decision.
  2. Get a professional cutter for consultation. Rose cut diamonds have problems with certification. In particular, GIA and AGS, the most reputable grading centers in the world, cannot evaluate the quality of this cut in their professional reports. That’s why it’s extremely important to get an expert consultant to justify the quality of your diamond in your desired shape.
  3. Trust your gut. Since rose cut is a highly problematic shape for grading and assessment, your personal preferences determine much more here than in the case of a round brilliant cut. But again, don’t forget to justify your choice with advice from a professional consultant.
  4. Clarity is more important than color. The rose cutting technique is applied to colored diamonds mostly. Because of this color predictability, clarity gains more importance in evaluating the quality of the jewel.
  5. The vendor and the setting matter. The rose cut diamond is special, and it requires an appropriate selection. Choose the place from where you buy a rose cut carefully. And remember: this jewel will reveal its best in a bezel or any other kind of vintage setting.
While choosing a rose cut diamond, listen to your heart — but backup your intuition with validation from a Diamond Registry expert!

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