How to Buy a Diamond Online

How to buy diamonds online

- It is essential that you source the wholesale diamond market. - Always insist on GIA certification for the most reliable diamond grading - Buy loose diamonds and have it mounted separately -Focus on color and clarity first, then let your budget decide the carat size – whether it will be a G color 2 carat or G color 3 carat diamond. Ask our wholesale diamond experts for free advice on how to buy a diamond and gain access to the wholesale diamond market What People Say about us   

Who to buy the diamond from

  • Are the names of the CEO and wholesale diamond experts clearly stated on the website?
  • For how long has this diamond company been in business?
  • Is the business a member in good standing of at least three of the following six professional organizations?
    1. Diamond Dealers Club
    2. World Federation of Diamond Bourses
    3. Jewelers Board of Trade
    4. Gemological Association of Great Britain
    5. Jewelry Information Center
    6. Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • Does the firm offer to fax you the full and unabridged Certificate?
  • Do they offer an option to send you a computer analysis printout of the diamond you select?
  • Do they push to sell their inventory or offer you a selection of loose diamonds from a worldwide inventory of diamond cutters and manufacturers?
  • Are they represented in the Diamond Exchanges in New York, Antwerp , nd Tel Aviv?
  • Do they have a genuine customer base of Diamond Dealers and Jewelers in the US and Overseas?
  • Do they offer an option to see the diamond of your choice at a local Jeweler?
  • Do they double check each diamond in the Diamond Dealers Club with an official Weight Slip -accurate to 1/1000 of a carat (a carat is 1/5 of a gram)? (The Diamond Registry offers you accurate diamond weight)
  • Do they offer an option to laser inscribe the girdle with the certificate number, special date, or a love message. (The Diamond Registry offers you these services)

Oval cut diamond of 118 carats How do I know if an online diamond source is reliable?

  • Is there an address located in one of the diamond centers listed?
  • Is there a telephone number listed where you can discuss your diamond questions?
  • Is the website a generic dot com selling diamonds along with watches, perfume, and soap or are they diamond specialists?
  • Does the web site pressure you to buy immediately? Buying a Diamond is a major decision that needs thought and analysis.
  • Will you be able to speak to an experienced diamond professional on the phone to discuss all the intricate details of the diamond and the certificate?
  • Do they provide a free quote, a reliable diamond price, without you having to provide them another stone as collateral?
  • Does the website offer to send the diamond to you with a conditional invoice with full Money Refund for the period clearly specified on the invoice? Some online diamond companies charge restocking or Gemologist examination fees. The Diamond Registry does not penalize you for returns
  • Does the website have a Cyber Identity, available information on, or have they been established for many years?
  • Are there any reviews or interviews available about the company?