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H color grade is one of the best diamond purchases you can make if you don’t distinguish dramatic differences between color hues and the degree of “colorlessness” in precious stones. 

Why so? Even if you spot the yellow tint in H color, it’s not that critical for the diamond result. Its presence is so neglectable that you can confidently pay 50% less on the diamond price for the discrepancy between D and H color. 

How is it possible? We’re here to make things clear and show the exact ways to get the most from the diamond cost you’re about to pay, be that loose diamonds or an engagement ring. In the end, we’ll recommend some extra ways to save on a diamond price like a pro.

What are color grades

For colorless diamonds, there exists a special scale. Depending on the exact grade, you can assume how much visible and intense is a yellow or brown tint in the precious stone. In the given circumstances, the scale ranges from D to Z, meaning there can be colorless, near colorless, faint, very light, and a light presence of color. And here, H color falls in the “near colorless” category. 

Even from its definition, you can see that the presence of another color is not critical at all. In practice, the H color looks completely colorless — just like a flawless D-color stone! But of course, adherence to the extreme clarity and excellent cutting is very important. And here, we’ve come close to the concept of diamond 4C’s — the 4 exact parameters that determine diamond pricing.   

H Color Diamonds Pricing

The exact price for H color diamonds depends on many factors. Among all, you should take into consideration all the 4C’s, meaning carat weight, cut, and clarity. These parameters have a direct impact on the cost fluctuations in diamonds. To determine their role, you should know what they mean:

  1. Carat. This diamond unit stands for the weight of a precious stone. The more carats a diamond has, the bigger and pricey it becomes.
  2. Clarity. This parameter determines the presence (or absence, in an ideal case) of flaws and imperfections in a jewel. If you see some clear spots and scratches on the surface, this means the diamond has a low clarity grade and costs cheaper.
  3. Cut. This representative of diamond 4C’s determines the quality of the cutting technique applied on the jewel’s surface. In the case of outstanding mastery, it receives an Excellent cut diamond label and is sold for a more expensive price.
  4. Color. The last one among diamond 4C’s. Technically, this parameter has the least value in the diamond appearance but a tremendous impact on its pricing. That’s why we recommend finding a lower grade that will look colorless to your eye to save on this costly jewel. And picking H color is one of the top secrets to save on a diamond like a PRO. 

As you can see, the exact appearance depends much more on the diamond cut and clarity than on its color grade. That’s why we recommend our clients not take color too seriously. If you want a truly outstanding stone, you’d better pick the brilliant round cut diamond. This way, you will reduce the difference in color and clarity in its appearance to a minimum.  

Where to Get H Color Diamonds for the Best Price

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H Color Diamonds vs. Other Color Diamonds 

As we already stated in the article previously, the difference between various color grades is hard to notice if you’re not comparing them side by side. This means that nobody will spot the yellow hue in your H color diamonds unless you put it close to D color ones. As you can guess, this situation is nearly impossible to happen — unless you have friends who buy diamonds without proper knowledge and expert consultation. 

In this section, we’ll review all the possible scenarios of comparing your H color diamonds with different color categories:

  • H color diamonds vs. Colorless diamond scale. If you put diamonds of D, E, F and H color next to each other, you are likely to see that others look crystal clear but H color is not that pure. But this can be an optical illusion, though. As practice shows, it’s hard to spot the color nuances — clarity and cut diamond imperfections are much easier to observe. That’s why it’s more probable you will not recognize any dramatic difference between D, E, F, and H color.   
  • H color vs. Near Colorless diamond scale. Comparing to G, I, and J colors, H color is the one that looks more like a completely colorless diamond. This factor plays a determining role when you pick a jewel for an engagement ring. Only H color can look flawless in platinum and white gold setting. To mask the hue in other color grades, you’d better pick yellow gold. 
  • H color vs. Faint diamond scale. When you put H color next to K, L, and M color diamonds, you can see the clear presence of yellow tint in the Faint group. We don’t recommend picking these stones if your eyes are sensitive to color imperfections. H color is a much better choice.
  • H color vs. Very Light diamond scale. We don’t recommend buying diamonds of N-Z color at all. They look non-attractive and jewelry vendors mostly avoid working with them.
  • H color vs. Colored diamond scale. If you want a colored diamond, the H color cannot satisfy your demand even slightly. When put next to a yellow diamond, this grade will look even more colorless as it is.  

How H Color Looks in Different Diamond Shapes

H grade reveals most of its advantages in the round brilliant cut diamond. For the round shape, this color possesses the best quality-to-price ratio. Thanks to the cut diamond excellence, you won’t recognize the advantages of higher color grades.

When it comes to other diamond shapes, we recommend picking H color stone for your engagement ring too. The reason is simple: the color differences between D and H grades are not very dramatic to become the reason for overpaying. At the same time, we recommend investing in a higher color grade when it comes to pear and emerald shapes. In these forms, diamonds reveal the tiniest nuances in color and clarity. That’s why it’s better to invest in the highest grades possible when it comes to such shapes. And of course, combine them with the metal in a setting smartly. 

How H Color Looks in Different Metal Settings

Not only the diamond itself but also the overall context of the jewelry setting makes the difference for the color appearance of the stone. Any white metal — be that highly expensive platinum or a much cheaper silver option — will make any yellow imperfection in a diamond more striking. Moreover, the exact placing of diamonds in an engagement ring plays its role. The less visible is the diamond in a ring, the more confident you can be while picking H color for it. In its turn, the center stone requires maximum attention and the purest diamond color you can afford.

That’s why we highly recommend pairing your H color diamonds with a yellow gold setting in an engagement ring. This way, you can mask the yellow tint of the lower color grade by creating a sharp contrast between the setting and the stone. For the higher color grades, the recommendation is the opposite: only the white metal can disclose the advantages of a colorless stone in the appropriate manner.

Important note: if you’ve chosen H color in a round brilliant cut diamond, you can go for platinum and white gold freely.  

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