An overview on diamond cut grades

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The overall beauty of a diamond is greatly influenced by the cut of the diamond. To many experts, the cut of the diamond is the most important characteristic of the diamond. It determines the intensity of the light the diamond reflects. The diamond cut grade is a way to measure the diamond's light performance. If it is cut properly, the light that enters the diamond will return out through the top, creating an intense brilliant sparkle.

Diamond Cut Grades

  • Ideal cut: This is a very rare and exquisite cut. In this cut grade, almost all light that enters the diamond will be reflected. This cut roughly represents the top 3 percent of diamond quality (based on the cut). Even smaller carat diamonds that are ideal cut grades will be expensive
  • Very good cut: In this cut grade the diamond will reflect almost as much as ideal cut diamonds. This cut grade roughly represents the top 15 percent of diamond quality. The cost of very good cut is lower than ideal cut for all carat diamonds
  • Good cut: Diamonds of this cut grade will reflect most of the light that enters it. Diamonds of this cut grade are cheaper than very good cut diamonds irrespective of the carat weight. The good cut roughly represents 25 percent of the diamond quality
  • Fair cut: Diamonds that are of the fair cut grade roughly represent 35 percent of the diamond quality. The fair cut diamonds are a lot cheaper, but it will not be as brilliant as the other cuts.
  • Poor cut: Poor cut diamonds are those that reflect light poorly. These diamonds are seldom used in jewelry

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