The Top 5 Diamond Jewelry Ideas for Christmas 2019

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Winter holidays are just around the corner, and you must be rushing to treat yourself and your darlings with something worthy and unique. What about a precious jewelry gift? Presenting a diamond will allow nobody to stay indifferent!   

This Christmas, both offline stores and online platforms offer so many diamond options that it’s easy to get lost in them. To help you, Diamond Registry experts have selected the top 5 diamond jewelry gift ideas. Just take a look at these beautiful picks - they will surely win the heart of your beloved! 


#1 Diamond Stud Earrings 

Every Christmas, the simplistic design of stud earrings makes this jewelry pick a top wanted gift for every girl. Especially if they feature diamonds as clear as snowflakes!  

Being together for years, diamonds and the design of stud earrings became a perfect match. In this type of jewelry, you will see nothing but the most valuable jewel in the world. And this earring setting gently emphasizes the diamonds of the largest carat size and makes them look elegant and refined.  

Don’t hesitate to choose different cuts to make your Christmas gift special – the stud design looks great with princess, emerald, and round shapes. To compare the cuts and prices of different diamonds from wholesalers, contact our diamond specialists! 


#2 Diamond Engagement Ring 

Christmas time is for miracles, romanticism, and special gifts – why not to make a marriage proposal this year? If you already know who is your one and only these winter holidays, an engagement ring can turn this holiday into the happiest moment of your lives! The classic diamond option is always available, notwithstanding the exact year and season – but adding a sapphire will introduce a winter theme into your proposal. As another idea, use a Christmas ball as a ring box – that will make your proposal even more surprising!  

Are you wondering how to choose the engagement ring fast and accurately? Read our short guide on buying engagement rings online and fill the submission form to get the consultation from our diamond professionals! 


#3 Y-form Diamond Necklace 

Diamond necklaces are again in trend, thanks to the creative efforts of jewelry designers. This Christmas, Y form is a top pick, fitting the increasing demand for minimalistic jewelry perfectly. This stylish design underlines the elegance and flair of its owner. Just don’t forget to go for a platinum setting to complete the brilliance of your diamonds! 

To find the most suitable jewels for your Y necklace, visit our 1-carat diamond price page and learn how to get the best gem for the best price! 


#4 Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

Diamond tennis bracelets are the frequent members in the list of the best Christmas gift ideas. And there’s no surprise: this bracelet design is both elegant and valuable. In this simplistic yet swanky setting, dozens of diamonds gain the best appearance possible. The bracelet is so perfect that women and men love it equally! 

To get a tennis bracelet that can fit all your needs completely, check our Diamond Price List and learn how to choose the best diamonds for a wholesale price! 


#5 Personalized Diamond Jewelry 

Every Christmas, personalized jewelry is a top wanted gift for any special occasion. And this year, you can let your imagination go wild! It can be a snowflake pendant made of several diamonds, a holiday-themed bangle bracelet, or a multi-layered necklace set that features meaningful symbols, letters, and digits for your sweetheart! Personalized jewelry is simply designed to demonstrate all your attention and care perfectly. 

Also, Christmas personalized jewelry can include an individually chosen jewel – be that a diamond of her/his favorite color or a birthstone. Feel free to write our experts – we will be pleased to help you choose the best design and jewels for your custom-made gifts!  


Are you in a rush and need to make a jewelry decision fast? Contact us now or come to Diamond Registry offices in New York and Hong Kong, and we will help you make the best choice for a reasonable price before Christmas! Happy holidays!