Louis Vuitton Bought The Second Biggest Diamond in the World

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Louis Vuitton has shocked the world with the breaking news! The French fashion house and luxury brand decided to invest in Sewelo diamond, the celebrity gemstone of 1,758 carats. Its CEO Michael Burke has already announced his plans about the jewel: the company wants to cut the huge diamond in pieces and sell it in jewelry.

Before this happens, this gemstone will remain the biggest uncut diamond in the world.

Sewelo Diamond was mined in Botswana in April 2019. From Setswana language (one of the official languages in Botswana), its title means "rare find." And this description is very accurate: the price paid by Louis Vuitton to Lucaro Diamond Corporation may reach 50 million dollars. That's quite a fortune! And a rare thing, surely.

As it turns, Louis Vuitton believes in the bright perspectives of high-class jewelry, no matter what diamond skeptics say. Even though Sewelo Diamond is a very unusual diamond, this experiment can turn into one of the most interesting diamond deals for the industry in recent years. Stay tuned!

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