Christie’s to Sell $7.5M Blue Diamond Ring

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Upcoming Christie’ Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels auction will feature a fancy-vivid-blue diamond ring and will be on display at the Hong Kong Convention center from 22 to 25 November 2019. Generally, the auction is presenting an outstanding selection of the extraordinary and rare diamonds. That’s an event you shouldn’t miss!

Founded over 200 years ago, Christie’s is one of the most renown auctions in the world. In 1795, James Christie, the founding father, sold the jewelry collection of Madame du Barry, Louis XV’s longtime mistress, at the London auction house. Since then, Christie’s has grown world-fame, being one of the most iconic names in the jewelry business. Signed jewelry always star the auction with the most desired jewelry houses.

In its turn, The Magnificent Jewelry auction of Christie’s is the event of the season. The current auction does not disappoint, with top lots featuring stunning blue diamonds and other colored gemstones.

One of the main pieces of the auction is a fancy-vivid-blue diamond ring

Starring at The Magnificent Jewelry auction is an extraordinary fancy-vivid-blue diamond ring. This superb colored diamond ring under the lot number 2054 has a square emerald-cut diamond of 3.24 carats in the center. Around this jewel, there are 7 oval brilliant-cut pink diamonds, ranging from 0.61 to 0.41 carats. The platinum ring looks like a beautiful colored diamond flower. Experts estimate this colorful ring to fetch up to $7.5 million.

All diamonds featured in this beautiful ring have their respective GIA reports. The center fancy vivid blue diamond has 3.24 carats, Fancy Vivid Blue color, and the IF clarity grade (the highest option possible). The surrounding oval diamonds are graded Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Deep Pink color, and SI2 to I1 clarity.

Christie’s sells beautiful diamond earrings

The second best lot is a great pair of beautiful diamond drop earrings. This lot number 2049 has a total diamond weight of 41.73 carats. Each diamond earring is 4.9 cm long, and both feature 6 diamonds in total. The statement earrings are composed of three parts: a large pear-shaped diamond as a hanger and a small pear-shaped attachment piece with a round diamond in between. The different shapes give these earrings a modern and timeless look. The diamonds in the earrings are 17.62 and 17.01 carats, and the two smaller pear-shaped diamonds weigh 2.09 and 2.01 carats, respectively. They are the natural diamonds of the highest parameters: D color and Internally Flawless clarity. Furthermore, the diamonds in the earrings are Type IIa.

The two pear-shaped diamonds have the round cut, 1.50 and 1.52 carats, D color, and Internally Flawless clarity. The estimated price of these two extraordinary earrings is $3.8M.

An important diamond necklace of $3,2M is featured at the auction

The third highest estimated lot of the auction is an important diamond necklace. It is made beautiful diamonds, featuring a large hanger with a main diamond. The necklace is 40.5 cm long. It is composed of one main round-cut diamond of 18.50 carats and several smaller square and circular-cut diamonds to set the whole necklace. GIA reports indicate these diamonds with D color, Internally Flawless clarity, and excellent polish and symmetry. The estimated price of this magnificent necklace is $3.2M.

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