Cardi B receives $1 million diamond ring as a birthday present

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Belcalis Almanzar, known as Cardi B, a famous American rapper, has received a significant present for her 27th birthday. Her husband, singer Offset, gifted her the set of two diamond rings with an enormous heart-shaped diamond on top. 

The whole set reportedly weighs 45 carats: 25 carats for the center diamond and 20 carats for other diamonds on both rings. It took nine months to create them, following Offset’s own design. The set was estimated at over $1 million. 

The rapper showed the new jewelry iher social media. The video footage of the presentation appeared on both Cardi’s and Offset’s Instagram accounts. The artist was having a private dinner in a restaurant when one of her friends brought a silver cloche and put it in before Cardi. She was afraid of opening it first, but her husband leaned over her and lifted the cloche, revealing two jewelry boxes with an enormous diamond ring in each. 

Singer looked shocked and cried from happiness. “Oh my God! I love you so much!” she shouted to Offset before he encouraged her to wear the rings on.

Later on, the video shows Offset explaining his wife the design of custom $1 million worth jewelry.