$14 million blue diamond ring up for auction

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Next month Christie’s Geneva is auctioning an exceptional blue diamond ring. Diamond experts have estimated this diamond ring featuring a fancy deep blue diamond to fetch up to $14.1 million US dollar. The reason for the high diamond price is mainly due to the rare color and clarity of the center diamond.

A Blue Diamond: Top Lot

A blue diamond-graded type IIb

GIA graded the center diamond in the platinum ring as fancy deep blue. This grade for a colored diamond is rare to find, especially for larger diamond sizes. A 7.03-carat rectangular-cut diamond with clarity VVS2 is therefore rare. This explains the valued estimate of $14 million by the auction experts. 

The greatest cause of the blue tone in IIb blue diamonds is the boron element. Only 0.1% of all-natural diamond is graded IIb, making them one of the rarest of natural diamonds. The boron absorbs secondary colors (such as red, orange, and yellow) in the blue stone, which is preferred for colored diamonds as one hue, and is more valuable.

For more information about the 7.03ct blue diamond set in the ring with ring size 6 ¼, click here to view the GIA report

More highlighted lots of Magnificent Jewels Nov. 12

Fancy intense blue cut diamond ring



Fancy intense blue cut diamond ring: Up to $ 4.5 million 

Fancy intense blue cut-cornered rectangular brilliant-cut diamond of 5.23 carats set in platinum with baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders.


D color cushion cut diamond

D color cushion cut diamond: Up to $ 4.5 million

The diamond grading of this cushion-cut diamond ring is the highest in the market. D color, IF clarity and type IIa. In addition, the center diamond is 46.93 carat, a diamond size that is exceptional. 

On the side of the cushion-cut diamond are D/VS2 clarity half-moon cut diamonds that both come with its own diamond GIA certificate.

Flawless D-color oval diamond ring


Flawless D-color oval diamond ring: Up to $3.2 million

Set in an impressive white gold ring is a flawless D-color oval cut diamond of 23 carats. Graded by the GIA with triple X while the type is on top of that IIa.

Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring

Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring: Up to $ 1.0 million 

A diamond and sapphire ring that has the pre-lot text from the Christie’s auction “The property of a lady.” The cushion-cut shaped sapphire has no indication of heating and is 12.65 carats. The gem comes with an appendix letter, SSEF and Güblin report. Surrounding the Kashmir sapphire are colorless pear-shaped diamonds.

Yellow diamond earrings

Yellow diamond earrings: Up to $ 350K

A pair of earrings with two fancy deep yellow pear brilliant cut diamonds each 16.21 carats. Both graded by the GIA from which one VVS2 and the other VS1.

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