Yellow gold engagement ring
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Yellow gold
engagement rings

The purest colored gold

Most popular metal used for wedding and engagement ring bands

Pear shaped yellow diamond ringYellow gold engagement rings are the purest color of all colored golds. The yellow gold engagement ring bands are historically and mostly used for wedding rings or engagement rings. In these days yellow gold ring bands are also used for vintage style rings, to give it the extraordinary vintage look and feel. And besides the fact that the yellow golden metal is the purest color it is also symbolic for the best metals.



What are the proportions of yellow gold?

Beautiful yellow diamond ringYellow gold engagement rings are true statement jewels that look precious. This metal is created by mixing pure gold with alloy metals such as zinc and copper. The higher the amount of karat, the purer the gold content will be. But because of the higher amount of karat, the metal will be more fragile. Since gold is one of the most malleable metals to manipulate. Therefore many engagement and weddings rings are 14K or 18K gold.

24 karat gold: 99.9% pure gold
18 karat gold: 75% pure gold
14 karat gold: 58, 3% pure gold

Tips for yellow gold engagement rings

Some quick golden tips for your perfect yellow gold engagement ring are as follows:

If you want your ring to be durable, it is smart to choose between yellow gold engagement rings that are either 14 karat or 18 karat gold. Because nobody wants their engagement rings or wedding rings to be bent out of shape, right? In addition, it is good to know that yellow gold engagement rings have to be polished and cleaned regularly, to keep the ring shiny. And if you want to know if the yellow gold ring will suit your skin color we can say that yellow gold engagement rings complement great with olive oil and darker skin tones.

A brilliant diamond to enrich the ring

Yellow gold engagement rings have an impressive look of their own. However, a brilliant colorless diamond or colored diamond can enrich the ring for sure. All kind of diamond shapes will fit a yellow gold ring, examples of popular diamond shapes are round cut, princess cut, radiant cut or cushion cut. By buying loose diamonds at wholesale prices you can purchase a better diamond within the same budget. By asking for a free quote and filling in a request, The Diamond Registry can connect you instantly to hundreds of diamond suppliers. In addition, The Diamond Registry lets customers create their own diamond jewelry with the highly experienced in-house jewelry designers. In-house jewelers, worldwide loose diamonds matchmaker, wholesale diamond prices and GIA certified diamonds sounds like the perfect combination to create your dream yellow gold engagement ring.



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