Yellow diamonds
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Yellow diamonds

Bright & Brilliant
fancy colored diamonds

Why everyone wants yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds fancy colorJewelry set with yellow diamonds is one of the most significant diamond jewelry trends at the moment. Many celebrities have been sighted wearing the most beautiful yellow diamonds, such as Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez. Yellow diamonds have a bright and brilliant color that will fit perfectly with any outfit and complexion. There is something about the color of yellow diamonds that makes a woman truly feel like a princess. Yellow diamonds are often cut into fancy shape diamonds, which gives them a strong allure and bright sparkle.

What kind of yellow diamonds are available?

Personalized Yellow diamonds Unique Wedding RingYellow diamonds are available in all shapes and sizes. However, we would advise to buy fancy shaped yellow diamonds, because the fancy cut intensifies the color present in the diamond. Popular shapes for yellow diamonds are radiant cut diamonds, cushion cut and princess cut diamonds. Colored diamonds are even rarer than colorless diamonds: only 1 in 10.000 diamonds is a colored diamond, and most of these diamonds weigh below 1 carat. This is why pink, blue and yellow diamonds above 2 carat have been breaking record after record during diamond auctions recently. Sourcing yellow diamonds is possible, provided you speak with the best diamond experts.

Is there GIA certification for yellow diamonds?

Just like with any other diamond, yellow diamonds are included in the GIA diamond grading. Besides the usual carat weight, clarity grade, polish, symmetry and fluorescence, a GIA diamond grading report will include the origin, color grade and distribution. Origin clarifies whether the graded yellow diamonds are natural fancy color diamonds. Color grade assess the intensity of the present color in the diamond. The color grade for colored diamonds ranges from Faint to Fancy Deep. Distribution refers to how evenly the diamond color is distributed.


Sourcing GIA yellow diamonds at wholesale prices

The smartest way to purchase yellow diamonds, or any other type of diamonds, is to source the diamond wholesale market of GIA certified diamonds. Since 1961, The Diamond Registry has been publishing the wholesale diamond prices used in the industry by the experts, making it available to the public. Through our diamond information platform, we have turned the industry’s best kept secrets into the best known facts. Ask for a free quote, and our wholesale diamond experts will source the worldwide inventory of GIA certified loose yellow diamonds.



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