Yellow diamond
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Yellow diamond

popular loose diamonds
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A yellow diamond has an amazing bright and brilliant sparkle

Yellow diamond fancy colorIn the world of colored diamonds, there are many different colors that each have a distinct character, but one of the most alluring colored diamonds is the yellow diamond. Women often seek a colored diamond that matches their personality and the bright color of a yellow diamond is often for the sprightly and cheerful type as a yellow diamond evokes a sentiment of joy and happiness. What makes the yellow diamond even more popular, is that the bright colored diamond matches pretty much with nay outfit and can be worn either during both casual and formal occasions.

The popularity of the yellow diamond

Personalized Unique Wedding RingThe colorful yellow diamond has been steadily increasing in popularity in both the Hollywood world of celebrities flashing their yellow diamond engagement rings, as well as in diamond auctions as yellow diamond jewelry and yellow loose diamonds continue to break record after record. The yellow diamond craze is driven by sightings in Hollywood as celebrity Rebecca Romijn was spotted with a stunning 6 carat yellow diamond engagement ring, and Carrie Underwood’s flawless round yellow diamond with white diamonds pave blinds the paparazzi. Exceptional yellow diamond jewelry and loose diamonds frequently send shockwaves throughout the industry as huge profits are made sales such as the 100.09 carat yellow diamond that sold for $16.3 million in the Geneva Sotheby’s auction. Colored diamonds can be profitable investments if bought correctly.

How to buy a yellow diamond correctly

The key to buying diamonds correctly is preparation and education. For instance, you should know that colorless diamonds, or white diamonds, are graded on the GIA color grade scale that ranges from D to Z. When yellowish loose diamonds are graded with a color intensity stronger than Z, they fall into the category of fancy colored diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are subsequently graded by the GIA in a different way that colorless diamonds. For instance, the color intensity of a yellow diamond ranges from faint to fancy deep. A yellow diamond is often cut into a fancy shape such as princess cut or radiant cut to intensify the color. To buy colored diamonds as a smart investments, we strongly advise you to consult with a colored diamond expert to make sure you make a smart purchase. The Diamond Registry has over 50 years’ experience of sourcing the finest loose diamonds, providing expert purchasing advice and delivering high-quality jewelry services. Ask for a free quote to start the search for your ideal yellow diamond.



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