Yellow diamond engagement ring
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Yellow diamond
engagement ring

One of the most popular
colored diamonds

What makes the yellow diamond so desirable?

Yellow diamond engagement ring Radiant CutThe yellow diamond engagement ring is becoming increasingly popular these days. The popularity of the yellow diamond engagement ring is partly due to the increase of interest in colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are rarely found and graded in their own way compared to colorless diamonds. The yellow colored diamond appears cheerful, joyful and sprightly. Does that sound like the characteristics that your yellow diamond engagement ring needs to have?



One of the fancy colored diamonds

Yellow diamond engagement ring White GoldIn the diamond industry a lot of colored diamonds are identified. More than 300 types of colors are seen, that range from faint to fancy deep. The most popular and leading colored diamonds are the pink diamonds, blue diamonds, green diamonds, red diamonds, yellow diamonds, black diamonds and brown diamonds. All of the other colors identified are slightly deeper or lighter than these colors. For example a deeper pink diamond can become a bit more purplish or reddish. And yellow diamonds can be so deep of color that the diamond’s appearance can be a bit orange. The colored diamonds are more valuable if the hue, saturation, distribution and tone of the diamond is positively graded. Thus, a better colored diamond will have a deep color intensity that is distributed evenly in the diamond.

Purchasing a yellow diamond at wholesale price

According to the facts colored diamonds are rare, expensive and popular. It makes sense that the yellow diamond engagement ring has received much attention recently. Yellow diamonds, blue diamonds and pink diamonds have ruled the auctions this year. By buying colored diamonds such as yellow diamonds at wholesale prices it is possible to save yourself close to 50% off retail margins. Thus, with the same budget, it will be possible to purchase a better quality diamond for your yellow diamond ring. Feel free to fill in a free quote to receive the up to date wholesale prices for loose yellow diamonds. Because helping individuals to find the perfect diamond to fit their engagement, wedding or other occasions has been our pleasure and passion since 1961.



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