Yellow diamond earrings
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Yellow diamond earrings

Summer is coming and joyful & colored diamonds
are must have items

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Colored diamonds getting more popular

Summer is coming and yellow diamond earrings would suit your floral dress perfectly don’t you think? Colored diamonds are getting more and more popular. Look at the auction houses such as Christies or Sotheby’s, they are putting colored diamond under the hammer to drag attention. Take for example the historical pink diamond that has been sold for 15.9 million USD! The colored diamonds are that expensive because they are not found in nature that often. Therefore these colored diamonds are rare, expensive, extraordinary but most of all eye catching!

Color formation of yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds are one of the most familiar colored diamonds in the diamond industry. But if a colorless diamond is slightly yellow, it does not mean it becomes a yellow diamond. Because yellow diamonds are more expensive than a colorless diamond with yellow, because then it belongs to a fancy colored diamond. Because colorless diamonds are valued by the lack of color so any trace of color is not good for the value. However, colored diamonds will get more and more expensive by the intensity and distribution of the diamond color. A yellow diamond that goes lower than GIA grading Z falls into the fancy color.

The yellow color in diamonds is due to the presence of nitrogen. This presence of nitrogen helps the yellow color formation in the structure of the crystal. In the formation of most yellow diamonds the few nitrogen atoms are substituted for carbon.

Popular yellow diamond earrings

From all the yellow diamond earrings on the market, which are most popular to wear? Well, that of course depends on your personal taste but if you want to be inspired by popular yellow earrings styles, take a look at these.

Yellow diamond earrings flowersElegant yellow diamond earrings as flowers Yellow diamonds are so often associated with sunlight, cheerfulness and joy. That many yellow diamonds are inspired by flowers. The yellow diamond earrings can be hanging floral earrings or floral stud earrings.


Yellow diamond earrings fireworkGlamour’s yellow diamond earrings as sparkling “fireworks”
Sparkling yellow diamond earrings are very favorable on red carpets and other celebrity parties. It is a perfect diamond jewelry piece to finish off that pretty dress. Besides that, it can spice up any other casual looking outfit. So off you go, to get some attention.


Yellow diamond earrings eardropsEye-catching yellow diamond eardrops combined with other diamonds
Next to the sparkling “fireworks” style of yellow diamond earrings we see diamond eardrops. Many hangers with yellow diamonds are filled with a pear-shaped diamond which makes the appearance look like a drop of happiness. But this drop is mostly combined with other diamonds or gemstones. Most often these other diamonds are colorless, so you can see a big contrast.




There are many varieties in all these yellow diamond earring styles, but which yellow diamond earrings fit you?




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