Unique Wedding Rings
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Unique Wedding Rings

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Symbolizing your never-ending love in a unique way

Asscher cut diamond Unique Wedding RingA wedding is one of the most important milestones in your life that you will share with the one you love. And, on this very precious day you will seal your love by putting on a wedding ring with or without diamonds. Some of the couples that make this beautiful step will choose for unique wedding rings. Because of the personal touch given by unique wedding rings, many classic or simple weddings are often enriched. The unique wedding rings can be personalized with a self-chosen colored diamond such as a blue, yellow, green, red, pink or chocolate diamond. Whichever unique wedding rings are out there waiting to be yours, you can always create, design or match the diamonds with the ring bands you want to create your own meaningful jewelry.

Personalized unique wedding rings

Personalized Unique Wedding RingUnique wedding rings can become even more personalized than a single inscription on or inside the ring. Couples who want to create unique wedding rings can choose from a wide variety of unique wedding rings, in terms of metal type for the wedding band, the ring setting and the kind of loose diamond that is mounted onto the unique wedding ring. The wedding rings for women are often decorated with diamonds, whereas wedding rings for men are usually just the metal without the diamonds. The wedding rings that are seen commonly are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. Loose diamonds that look great in unique wedding rings are for example a cushion cut, princess cut, Radiant Cut or marquise cut diamonds.

Start from the beginning, to create the unique wedding ring

Take your time to design or choose your unique wedding ring. All the different options that are given for unique wedding rings can make the final decision difficult. But start from the beginning and evaluate the different kind of unique wedding rings. Later in the process if you have gained more understanding of diamond shapes, the 4Cs (carat, color, clarity, cut), wedding bands or ring settings it is up to you to decide. Keep in mind that Diamond Registry can help you with insider information about loose diamonds for wholesale prices that can suit you in order to find your beloved loose diamond. And in addition, it is also possible to work together with Diamond Registry and its highly experienced in-house jewelry designer team to create unique wedding rings.



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