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Unique Engagement Rings

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Designing unique engagement rings

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Engagement rings are without a doubt the most special type of jewelry. No other type of jewelry compares with the deep and powerful symbolism of love and affection than that of engagement rings. Yet, there is one type of jewelry that stands above engagement rings: unique engagement rings. When creating unique engagement rings, you play the role of the jeweler as you pick the metal types, ring settings, overall ring design and loose diamonds. This means that you can create unique engagement rings that are positively perfect and play into her taste even in the finest detail. Plus, despite what many people may expect, unique engagement rings are available far below retail price ready-made engagement rings.


Becoming the jeweler to her heart

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So where to begin when designing unique engagement rings? The Diamond. Using the 4Cs as your guide – carat weight, diamond clarity, color and cut grade – you can pick the perfect diamond. Carat weight is an indication of the diamond’s size, and helps you to estimate the total price using the loose diamond prices chart. Diamond clarity refers to the inclusions and blemishes present in the diamond, with Flawless being the highest clarity grade. Color grade indicates the absence of color, where D is the most desired colorless and Z has a slight yellow hue. Lastly, the diamond cut grade assesses the diamond’s proportions and finish which increase its brilliance and fire. Diamond cut may also refer to a diamond’s shape, such as cushion cut, emerald cut or princess cut. As the jeweler, you decide on the exact quality of each of the 4Cs, depending on personal taste and budget.


Adding a personal touch to your unique engagement rings

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When you have picked the perfect diamond for your engagement rings, it’s time to decide on the overall ring design. Yellow gold rings, white gold rings and rose gold rings are the most popular choices, yet it is up to you what type of precious metal to use for the ring band or shank. There are a variety of ring settings available to you, each with their own appeal such as the bezel setting, prong setting or channel set for eternity rings design. Additional features such as pear shape shoulder diamonds, or heart shape ring band are all available to you. The combination of all of these different features of engagement rings is what make your engagement ring truly unique.


How to get started

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When you have an idea on how to make your unique engagement rings, ask for a Free Quote from our diamond experts to receive an exact price estimate for your loose diamond plus jewelry services. Our diamond experts source the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds available on the wholesale diamond market to find your diamond at the best available wholesale diamond price directly from suppliers and manufacturers. Creating unique engagement rings, and buying wholesale diamonds, will save you 50 – 70% off retail prices when compared to ready-made “off the shelf” diamond rings. This is because you assume the role as jeweler, deciding the diamond’s 4Cs and jewelry design, and buying from the wholesale diamond market means you don’t pay for retail margins that fund glossy advertising and lavish shop fronts on prime locations. So in fact, you’re getting engagement rings that are uniquely yours at a much better price…So what are you waiting for?




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