Sell Jewelry

Sell Jewelry

How to turn jewelry
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Why selling jewelry today is a smart move

The worldwide demand for diamonds is increasing faster than the supply, which is causing a tension between the two. This is creating the perfect situation for you to sell your diamond jewelry today at the best price. When you want to sell jewelry, there are a number of things you must do to make sure you are making a smart move and getting your money’s worth. Some may choose to sell the diamond in their jewelry because they want to upgrade to a larger diamond carat weight, others may simply want to part with their diamond ring or diamond earrings due to emotional or financial reasons. Regardless of what your reasons may be, the following guidelines will help you to sell jewelry like a professional.

Global diamond prices are increasing

The emerging Asian markets are developing a taste for quality diamonds, with the purchasing power to satisfy it. The Chinese and Indian markets are the fastest growing diamond markets at the moment. The vast amount of “new customers” that this has introduced to the diamond market is the main reason for the increase in demand. The rough diamond prices have increased at a compound annual rate of 13% since 2008. From Dec 2007 up to March 2014, 1 carat prices increased by 128%, 2 carat prices changed by 125% and 3 carat prices changed by 135%. Colored diamonds continue to break records at auction houses – the flawless 13.22 carat Pear Shape blue diamond that sold for $23.8 million. As this trend continues, it creates an ideal situation for selling diamonds.

First step – Jewelry appraisal

The first and most important step when you sell jewelry is getting a jewelry appraisal from an unbiased authoritative source. We recommend going through the GIA as it is the most authoritative diamond appraisal institution with an internationally recognized standard. A diamond grading will provide insight into the 4Cs and an in-depth evaluation of a diamond’s crown, pavilion, symmetry, depth, and overall measurements. In addition, the presence and intensity of fluorescence along with a detailed clarity plot visualizing the placement of inclusions and blemishes is provided as well. With a GIA certificate, both the buyer and the seller can agree on the quality of the diamond inside the jewelry. This makes it easier to reach a selling price that satisfies both parties.

Where to sell your jewelry

Once you know the exact features of the jewelry you want to sell, you can start looking for diamond jewelry buyers. The diamond experts at The Diamond Registry can help you to determine the right price for the diamond jewelry you want to sell and offer you a great price. With the Diamond Registry you benefit from 50 years of experience and a proven track record of finding the perfect match between buyer and seller through our worldwide network. No wonder they call us “the matchmaker”. Fill out the Quote Form to receive a free quote and get in contact with our diamond experts.

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