Round diamond engagement rings
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Round diamond
engagement rings

Getting engaged with
the most popular diamond cut

The most familiar rings are round diamond engagement rings

Saying the words “Marry me” fits perfectly with presenting any of the fantastic round diamond engagement rings available on the market right now. The round diamond cut is one of the most familiar diamond cut in the industry. Besides round diamond engagement rings, is princess cut and radiant cut engagement rings are also very popular. In 1919, this popular diamond cut was designed by Marcel Tolkowsky to achieve the maximum brilliance. The round cut diamond has 57 facets and sometimes 58 facets. Because of the extreme brilliance of this diamond cut, round diamond engagement rings are very popular engagement rings to propose with.

 Round diamond engagement ring D Flawless

Trends for engagement rings

All diamond engagement rings have their own story and personal touch. However, there are many trends for round diamond engagement rings in the diamond industry which can inspire many proposals. Take for example, the East- West setting, colored diamonds setting and the floral accents on a diamond engagement ring. In addition, these ring settings are mixed with rose golden accents or platinum. Let’s inform ourselves a bit more about the engagement ring trends.

  • East- West Setting, the diamond is horizontally mounted in the ring which gives it a fresh vibe and makes the stone look even larger. It looks best with an oval diamond or emerald cut diamond.

  • Colored diamonds, a rare, cheerful and joyful diamond such as pink, blue or yellow that lights up every diamond engagement ring

  • Floral accents, some romantic and lovely floral accents on the ring that could come straight from the garden for your round cut diamond engagement ring

  • Double Halo, small diamonds with one center diamond which can make it appear even larger

  • Mixed-Metal Engagement rings, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum metal ring bands combined in one ring

  • Splashy side views, on the sides of the engagement ring band are pretty angels, details and diamonds

  • Split shark, diamonds in the ring band that splits into two, which make the ring band more impressive

Great round diamond engagement rings combinations

From all diamond sales in the diamond industry, round diamonds are sold the most. Therefore, many engagements are established by round diamond engagement rings. However, there are some ring combinations that can make your timeless treasure a true beauty. Take for example the double halo ring setting which can make round diamond engagement rings appear larger. Or the splashy side views which can make the round diamond engagement rings much more splashy, unique and shiny. In addition, round diamond engagement rings are seen more and more often with an extra ring to stack on top. However, each round diamond with a perfect diamond cut what will give maximum brilliance and make every ring setting stunning.

Find your ideal engagement ring

How do you find perfect round diamond engagement rings when you want good quality? Start informing yourself with the term loose diamonds at wholesale prices. Loose diamonds allow you to purchase a better quality diamond for the same budget. However, it is smart to buy a loose diamond with a certificate such as a GIA certificate. The certificate can ensure and inform you about the loose diamond its properties. Furthermore, loose diamonds give you the possibility to mount it in every ring setting you prefer instead of the fixed round diamond engagement rings available in retail stores. We are a matchmaker in the diamond industry for more than 50 years creating a bridge between the wholesale diamond industry and the customer. If you ask for a free quote our diamond experts will help you source the worldwide diamond inventory to find that perfect round diamond with GIA certificate. In addition, our in house-jewelers can assist you in designing or picking ideal round diamond engagement rings.


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