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Round cut
engagement rings

Number one engagement ring

The perfectly shaped diamond

Round Cut Engagement Rings 2.5 carat diamondThe round cut engagement rings are one of the most sold engagement rings on the market. Next to round cut engagement rings the princess cut engagement rings and cushion cut engagement rings are also popular ones to buy. This round cut was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. Round cut diamond has the best reflection and refraction of light which makes it an optimal diamond with balance, sparkle and fire. A round cut diamond can have hearts and arrows (H&A) in the pavilion. Hearts and Arrows in a round cut diamond are visible in the pavilion of the diamond when you are viewing it in a face up position.





Round cut engagement rings are bestsellers

2 carat diamond round cut engagement ringsA round cut diamond is a perfect diamond shape to mount into an engagement ring because it is cut in order to achieve maximum brilliance. Furthermore, round shaped diamonds are the only shape that have perfect proportions whereby the diamond becomes perfectly balanced.
From all the engagement rings that are sold these days round cut engagement rings are seen as the standard engagement ring. This is because a round shaped diamond is a diamond standard has set the standard for diamond shapes. As result, round cut diamonds claim three-quarter of all the diamonds that are sold in the diamond industry today. That is more sales than for example marquise cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds or heart cut diamonds.

The 3 round shape patterns

  1. Old European Cut (round brilliant)
    An Old European cut in a round shaped diamond that has a small table and a steep crown. In addition, an old European cut has a large culet and a short lower half facet, what makes the diamond look a bit blocky.

  2. Circular Cut
    The circular brilliant cut gives the diamond a less blocky appearance by having proportions that are closer to the modern cut. The circular brilliant have short lower half facets.

  3. Modern Cut
    The mostly used round shape pattern is the modern brilliant cut. This modern brilliant cut has longer lower half facets that makes the diamond appear a bit splintery.


Create your unique round cut engagement ring

A diamond engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of a proposal, because a diamond engagement ring is the heart of a proposal. Proposing to the person you love is one magical moment that you will remember your whole life. To make this moment even more memorable for your loved one and you, it is recommendable to create your own engagement ring. This can make the proposal more personal instead of buying a ring from all the round cut engagement rings out there.

By asking for a free quote to receive the wholesale diamond price for loose diamonds you are making the first step in creating your own engagement ring. The second step can be designing the ring with the in-house jewelers of Diamond Registry. For example, a standard round cut engagement ring in a prong setting or halo setting can receive a personal twist by adding inscriptions or colored diamonds. Last step is that you will be paying the best price for your round cut engagement ring, due to the fact that you bought your loose diamond for a wholesale price. In addition, the process to create you own unique round cut engagement ring will be comfortable and pleasant. Thus, create your perfect moment with a personalized round cut engagement ring.



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