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Round cut diamond

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The round cut diamond is the most elegant shape of all

The round cut diamond is the iconic example of perfection, in every single aspect. They account for the most sales of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry across the globe, and are especially popular for engagement rings. The round cut diamond was developed in 1919, and is the only diamond shape with perfect measurements and symmetry defined down to the finest millimeter. That’s why it has the best refraction of light, and is the only diamond shape that truly dazzles. Other diamond shapes can only compare their brilliance – the round curt diamond sets the standard.

Round cut diamond as jewelry or investment

Oval diamond engagement rings

Because the round cut diamond has such a magnificent sparkle, it is a favorite for many women for diamond jewelry. It is the iconic diamond shape and will match any personality and fashion sense. They can easily be combined with white gold or yellow gold rings, and look even more amazing with two pear shape or marquise shape shoulder diamonds. The round cut diamond is the smartest investment choice because of the fact it perfect cutting has been defined. Usually, investments are made buying round cut diamonds of 4 carat, 5 carat and up. But if you buy GIA certified diamonds of the highest possible diamond clarity and color, it is always a good investment.

Creating bespoke diamond rings with loose diamonds

If you are interested in a diamond ring set with a round cut diamond, the smartest way to go about it is to create your own rings sourcing loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market. Whether you are interested in a white gold 4 carat diamond ring or yellow gold 5 carat diamond ring with marquise shoulder stones, our team of highly experienced jewelers is ready to create the diamond ring of your dreams. The round cut diamond has endless design options, our jewelers have over 30 years experience…the only limitation is your imagination. Ask for a free quote and create unique diamond rings.




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