Rose gold diamond rings
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Rose gold diamond rings

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Modern rose gold diamond rings

Rose gold diamond rings are one of the many trends that are really upcoming in the diamond industry which is also known as pink gold or red gold. But in fact, rose gold is a ring metal that is actually a mixture of pure yellow gold that contains a high percentage of copper. Due to this mixture the appearance becomes rose colored and is most often use to show affection or love. Because of this meaning around the appearance many engagement rings, promise rings or wedding rings are sold these days in rose gold. The color is good for people that want to stand out from the crowd. Rose gold is an unusual ring metal that shows off elegance and a modern feeling.

Rose gold engagement ring of Katie HolmesCelebrities are giving this new ring color and extra boost by getting engaged with a rose golden ring, such as Whitney Port, Katie Holmes, Teresa Palmer, Hayden Panttiere. All got engaged with rose gold diamond rings. Let us take for example style icon Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. Leighton said yes when she received the bezel ring setting with a cushion cut diamond as engagement ring. Her ring has a very thin rose gold diamond ring band which makes the diamond appear even bigger. But not only diamond jewelry is turning into rose gold, also watches are turning into rose gold too since it matches perfectly on each outfit. Thus, rose gold is definitely a huge trend for many jewelry pieces.

Three popular rose gold diamond rings

Rose gold engagement rings from celebrities

Rose gold diamond rings come in many different forms due to the different ring setting or diamonds that are used. In a rose gold ring you can have colorless diamonds but also colored diamonds such as yellow, pink, brown or black. The chance that rose gold diamond rings are mounted with colored diamonds that are blue, red or green is not that big since these colors are not found in nature that often. But if you want to buy a rose gold diamond ring you may like to know which three settings are popular in the diamond industry.

3 ● The rose gold stacking ring

Since rose gold has a very warm appearance many of us love to create a rose gold band to add to their previous ring which can be a promise ring or engagement ring or wedding ring. This stackable ring is mostly an eternity band filled with diamonds just like Leighton Meester did. She stacked an extra rose gold wedding band to her engagement ring.

2 ● The high prong with accents

A high prong with accents has a clear ring band which creates focus on the modern metal color. The high prong can be used for your favorable diamond shape such as cushion, oval, round, princess or radiant.

1 ● The halo setting

A ring setting that makes your center diamond appear even bigger is number one ring setting of rose golden diamond rings. It most often has micro diamonds surrounded around the center stone and ring band. A good example of this popular rose gold diamond ring style is the engagement ring of Katie Holmes. She received one of Hollywood’s favorite engagement ring which is a sparkling oval cut diamond in rose gold head. Surrounded with micro diamonds that flows down on the ring band.

Which style of the rose golden diamond rings is your favorite?



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