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Princess-cut diamond rings designed by you

Cushion cut engagement ringsThe Diamond Registry helps you save a lot of money by sourcing loose diamonds from the wholesale diamond market, and then creating unique diamond rings with our in-house jewelry designers. The beauty of it is, if you want princess-cut diamond rings for example, the Diamond Registry allows you to have unique diamond rings at 50-60% off retail prices. By sourcing loose diamonds from the wholesale market, you already save big on the diamond itself. That’s because The Diamond Registry gives you access to the wholesale market which cuts out the middlemen and associated margins. Designing your own princess-cut diamond rings makes for both a more personal diamond ring, and is another way of keeping the cost within your decided budget.

Designing your own diamond rings: how it works

You may have seen a number of different princess-cut diamond rings and are looking to buy one for yourself or your partner. Designing your own rings with our in-house jewelers is a simple process. After you have picked the perfect princess-cut diamond from the selection offered to you by our diamond consultants – sources from the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds, all GIA certified – you will go on to the next step: designing the diamond ring. Designing your own princess cut diamond engagement rings could be as simple as instructing the jewelers to imitate ring design styles you’ve seen before. That way, you can easily have your own princess cut diamond engagement rings or princess cut diamond promise rings made. However, you can also design your own ring starting from scratch with diamond ring sketches or just general ideas you have for ring settings, precious metal, shoulder diamonds and other design elements. You determine what’s best for you, and we’ll get you the diamond ring at the best possible price.

The prices for princess cut diamonds

Like we’ve already mentioned, we give you access to the worldwide inventory of loose diamonds traded on the wholesale diamond market. To get an idea of what the prices are for your princess cut diamond, have a look at the diamond price list for wholesale fancy diamonds. In the wholesale diamond market, diamond prices are noted as Price Per Carat. This means that for each weight class, there is a different price list. So there is diamond price list for 1 carat diamonds, 2 carat diamonds, 3 carat diamonds and so on. In each list, prices vary according to diamond clarity and color grade. Finally, the Price Per Carat must be multiplied by the number of total diamond carat weight. So when you are looking at the diamond prices for princess cut diamonds on the 3 Carat Price List, multiply the number by 3. If you would like to look in to colored diamond rings, like pink princess cut diamond rings, the price can only be certain based on current availability of pink diamonds – as they are the rarest of all diamonds. Ask for a free quote to get the accurate price for your princess cut diamond and start making your very own diamond ring.




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