Price of diamonds
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Price of diamonds

Navigating the list of loose wholesale diamond prices

The price of diamonds is based on the price per carat

In the world of wholesale diamonds, the price per carat value is used to express the price of diamonds. The price per carat value is determined by a combination of diamond clarity, color grade and arranged by carat weight. In the table, the vertical axis lists the color grades and the horizontal axis the clarity grades. For every different carat weight, there is a separate price list. So there is a price list for 2 carat and 4 carat diamond prices. This makes it easier for people to navigate the list and see the price of diamonds in the category they’re interested in. However, it is important you understand that the price per carat value needs to be multiplied by the total carat weight to calculate the estimated total price.

How to calculate total wholesale diamond prices

Looking at a diamond price list, you will see various numbers either expressed in full or in hundreds of US$ per carat. Looking at the price list below, let’s say you want to calculate the estimated total price for a round 3 carat diamond, G color VS1 clarity.

price of diamonds

If the price per carat is set at $28,270 per carat, calculating the total price is done simply by multiplying the number by three, which creates a total price of $84,810.

Are these the absolute final prices?

No, there are still many features that come into play that will affect the price of the diamond. The prices shown in this list, only apply to round diamonds, to calculate the prices for fancy shapes, please refer to the fancy diamond price list. But most importantly, these prices should be used to estimate today’s wholesale diamond prices and not be taken as set prices. This is simply because a 3 carat G VS1 diamond can vary greatly in measurements, symmetry, fluorescence and the location of any inclusions. Ask for a free quote to receive today’s diamond prices along with a number of certificates so that you can see the difference in quality and diamonds.



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