Pink diamond rings
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Pink diamond rings

Romance has never been
so rose-colored

The color that evokes romance

A 10 carat pink diamond ringRings are mostly given to loved ones to show commitment or emotions. The pink diamond rings give a soft fairy tale glance, which make these rings a popular pick for engagement rings. The pink diamonds mounted in pink diamond rings can be a bit purplish, brownish pink, grayish pink, reddish pink or orangey pink. However, all these pink diamond colors will be called fancy colored diamonds. These fancies are very rare due to the unique color formation that the diamond is going through. The pink color is caused by a process known as plastic deformation. The enormous pressure that is put on the diamond while it is deep in the earth will compresses the diamond that much, that it will create structure, graining and red, purple, pink or brown color. Because of this unique formation pink diamonds are very rare to find.

Say “I do” to pink diamonds

Big pink diamond ringThe colorless diamonds are one of the most seen diamonds to engage or marry. But nowadays more people say “I do” to colored diamonds, such as pink diamonds. The color pink is most time associate with roses, sweet love or princesses. To make your woman feel like a princes you can choose one of the pink diamond rings available on the market. In addition, to make the ring even more special you can purchase your own loose pink diamond to mount onto your own chosen ring. It will be a unique pink diamond engagement ring, fully personalized. She will definitely say I do to a ring with so much effort.

Trending pink diamond rings

Pink diamond rings that are trending at the moment are mostly in a prong setting. Of course the pink diamonds are also seen in bezel or channel settings. Ring bands that are trending for the pink diamond rings are white gold and rose gold. These metal colors enlarge the color intensity of the pink diamond.

Buy diamonds like an expert

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