Oval diamond ring
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Oval diamond ring

The similar
round shape diamond

The diamond cut with 56 to 58 facets

Oval diamond Rings 3 caratThe oval diamond cut was created in the early 1960s but still the oval diamond ring remains popular for engagements rings and wedding rings. The oval shaped diamond is based on the round cut diamond. Therefore an oval diamond ring will achieve the maximum brilliance just like a round cut diamond. However, if diamond buyers want to have a more unique shaped diamond they can choose an oval diamond ring. The oval diamond will appear elegant and full of fire just as round cut diamond, only more unique. For a more unique diamond cut the diamond buyer can always choose another fancy cut diamond, such as heart shape, marquise shape or cushion shape.





The oval shaped diamond

Oval diamond ring 2 caratDiamonds are shaped in several diamond shapes such as, heart shape, pear shape or round shape. One of the diamonds that is based on the round shape is the oval shape. This oval shaped diamond has 56 to 58 facets. Because the oval shape is an elongated shape it gives the illusion that it looks bigger than a round shaped diamond even if the carat is the same. The shape itself presents a larger surface than a round shaped diamond. So an oval diamond ring with the same carat would look larger due to the lengthening of the diamond. Another positive point is that by wearing an oval diamond ring your fingers will appear longer and slimmer.


Which oval diamond ring suits you?

An oval diamond ring appears as said before more unique than a round cut diamond. Only which oval diamond ring that will suit you depends on your personal taste in rings. Because an oval diamond ring will vary in ring settings, diamond color or on how narrow or fat the oval cut will be. If you like a ring appearance that is slightly thin, an oval cut diamond that is narrow and longer will suit you.

By buying an oval cut diamond separate from a ring setting you allow yourself to have more diamond ring options. You can choose or design your ring setting with a jeweler and pick an oval diamond you prefer. By asking for a free quote our diamond experts can help you find a loose oval cut diamond with GIA certificate for a very good wholesale price. In addition, our in-house jewelers can help you design a unique ring. This way you will have the perfect oval diamond ring that has even saved you money.



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