Oval diamond engagement rings
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Oval diamond
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Many gasp at the sight of oval diamond engagement rings

Of all the diamond rings, oval diamond engagement rings are really something special and unique. The oval cut diamond design dates back to the 1960s, and is based on the round cut diamond with a brilliant facet cutting. Oval diamond engagement rings are a very popular choice, as well as oval diamond earrings and pendants. With its 58 facets, the oval diamond achieves the maximum brilliance similar to the round diamonds, but with a much more unique look. Oval diamond engagement rings always look elegant and turn heads whenever you wear them.


The story behind the oval diamond cut

Oval diamond engagement rings

Loose diamonds come in many different shapes, such as pear shape, heart shape, princess cut and oval shape. The oval diamond shape has between 56 to 58 facets, and has an elongated round shape. That’s why oval diamond engagement rings give the illusion that they look bigger than round diamond rings, even if the carat weight is exactly the same. The shape lends itself to a larger table than a round diamond has. The added benefit is that it can make your fingers look slender and even more elegant.

Picking the perfect oval diamond engagement rings – design and price

There is an infinite variety of diamond ring designs for you to choose from when buying oval diamond engagement rings. Just looking at the oval diamond alone, carat weight needs to be decided next to diamond color and clarity, as well as the cut – which makes it sparkle so brightly. Further design features include choose your favorite precious metal for the ring band and other decorations. A very popular choice is the halo setting diamond ring, which works especially well with oval diamond engagement rings. Another reason why many people love oval rings, is because the diamond prices are much lower than for round diamonds without compromising on sparkle. Check out the diamond price list for loose diamonds or ask for a free quote to get the accurate wholesale diamond prices for your oval diamond ring.




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