Jewelry Store in Mexico Demonstrates Strong Jewelry Sales
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Jewelry Store in Mexico Will Successfully Contribute To Retail Markets

1990: Jewelry Store in Mexico Maybe Referred As Posh Boutique

December 1997

While continuing to demonstrate strong sales in Japan amid a weak retail environment (not to mention its strong stock market performance in a highly volatile global market), Tiffany is moving ahead with its expansion into new retail markets with the launching of its first boutique to be located within a posh department store in Mexico City.

Tiffany has long had a presence in Mexico through retail partners in selected Mexican resorts. But its foray into Mexico city is Tiffany’s first location in an urban setting in Mexico. The 758 square foot boutique will be located in El Palacio de Hierro department store in the city’s Polance neighborhood.

Tiffany’s has tapped local talent, Ms. Andrea Artigas, formerly the manager of Mexico City’s largest independent jewelry store to serve as director of the boutique, overseeing all sales and operations.


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