The Genuine Signature - The Diamond Registry Feb 2000
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The Genuine Signature - Feb 2000

The biggest surprise at the start of the new Millennium is that there were no surprises. Yes, the world has changed a great deal in the past Millennium, century and decade. But one thing remains constant: humankind’s striving for something purer and larger than ourselves.

Our society today is almost obsessively focussed on technology, but people haven’t lost track of the simple pleasures of nature. As people strive for fresh air, pure water, and organically-grown food, they will want the natural beauty of a transparent piece of carbon formed in the Earth’s core.

Imitations, synthetics and various man-made treatments—such as the new treatment for fancies will undoubtedly increase, and there will be more attempts to imitate Mother Nature. But, they, and their inventors, will never capture people’s hearts the way a diamond does. Even in this changing world, some things are enduring.v


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